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Why is my new heating and air conditioning system not heating and cooling my house properly?

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We have this question asked many times over the years and I want to post my response to this frequently asked question: I am so sorry to hear that you have spent all this money and still do not have a furnace and air conditioner that are working properly! I have had this problem asked many times over the years and my answer is:  I would strongly recommend that you have your HVAC contractor do a Manual J Heat Gain and Heat Loss calculation on your home before installing a new furnace or doing any other work. We are required here in Louisville, KY to submit a Manual J calculation to the Housing Department, Code enforcement before a permit will be issued to start a new installation. Without the Manual J calculation, it would be a guess as to what size equipment needs to be installed and this is why many people get the wrong size equipment. Requiring a heat gain, heat loss calculation protects the homeowner from getting the wrong size HVAC equipment installed. Most companies have a Manual J computer program where they enter the required information like the home’s orientation (facing north, south, etc.) the amount of insulation, window types, door types, and all surfaces that gain or lose heat, and more. The computer program will figure the amount of heat loss and gain and tell the contractor what size HVAC equipment needs to be installed.  I would recommend that you get this Manual J calculation completed for your home so you know for sure that you are getting the right sized HVAC equipment installed. Even though it is a pain and extra expense for the homeowner and contractor this ensures the right size equipment is installed and is invaluable for protecting your energy bill and comfort. We have many other air conditioning and heat pump troubleshooting pages. Please click here to see more troubleshooting advice. Please click here to see the many name-brand air conditioner and heat pump repair parts that we sell. We would love to answer your questions and earn your business! If you have any questions please email us anytime:
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