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Problem: Why is my fan blower motor running all the time?

Problem: We have many people ask, “Why is my fan blower motor running all the time. My blower motor will not shut off?” “Why does my fan motor run continuously when I use my furnace?”

Answer: I found a real good Youtube video made by ACServicetech that explains 4 reasons why fan blower motors run continuously. In this video ACServicetech goes over why the Blower Fan Motor Won’t Shut off/Continuously Runs and some of the most common reasons why furnaces or air handlers have this problem. ACServicetech shows step by step Troubleshooting on how to figure out what is causing this problem. This is a great video that I would highly recommend that you watch  if your fan motor is running continuously. Many thanks to ACServicetech for making this informative video! If you have any questions please feel free to email us anytime or respond in the comments section below. We have many heating and air conditioning troubleshooting links, Videos and Resources on the following page: Please click here for more troubleshooting resourcesWe would love to help you out and earn your business! Our email address is:

2 thoughts on “Problem: Why is my fan blower motor running all the time?

  1. Problem: Ignitor only getting 5.6V at terminals. Schematic calls for 120V.
    Trane 90 NG furnace 1997 vintage. W-R control board.

    Any suggestions?

    1. This could be any open safety control like a pressure switch, limit or rollout switch that is open and will not allow the ignitor to light. I would suggest that you check to make sure all the safety controls are closed. If all the safety controls are closed and you are still not getting the right voltage to the ignitor then this could be caused by a bad relay in the control board. You might need a new control board. We have lots of furnace troubleshooting advice on the following page: I would suggest going through the troubleshooting flow chart to see what is wrong: We also have lots of troubleshooting questions and answers on the following page: If you have any specific questions please let me know. Thanks! I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Steve

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