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Why is it Important to Know Your HVAC System’s Static Pressure!

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Problem: We had a person send us an email this week who had an 8-year-old heat pump compressor burn out. He wanted us to post on our site the importance of having your HVAC company check the static air pressure in your duct system. The company that installed the new heat pump unit said the reason the compressor burned out was that it was due to the lack of return air in the ductwork. Our customer said, “WOW… how many HVAC companies have worked on my unit>>> TOO DARN MANY… and NO ONE even said or checked my return air static pressure. Steve, make sure you tell people about how important is it to have their static pressure checked.”

Solution: If you are having a new HVAC system installed or if you are having airflow problems with your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump system then it is very important to have your HVAC company do a static air pressure test to make sure that your ductwork is sized correctly and you do not have restrictions in your furnace or ductwork that are causing airflow problems. This is why it is important to not have a furnace filter that is too restrictive to airflow. Static Pressure is like the blood pressure in your HVAC system’s duct work. We have two Youtube videos below that explain why it is important to know and test your HVAC system’s static air pressure. Thanks so very much to Eddie L for an excellent drawn-out explanation of what static pressure actually is and to Althoff Industries who explains and shows how to test static pressure! I hope that these videos help you understand the importance of having your HVAC System’s Static pressure tested.

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