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8 thoughts on “Troubleshooting

  1. Having problem with my Carrier Furnace, Draft inducer motor not working, Tape the blower door safety switch shut (if equipped) and set your thermostat so it is calling for heat. Use a volt meter set to “Volts AC” and test between terminals W (usually white wire) and C (Com) getting, 25.6 volts between these two terminals. AC between the R (red) and C (com) getting, 26.8. Check the fuse it looks good.

    I start the furnace and the Fan blower starts but the draft inducer does not and continue to blow cool air no fire, LED blink continous on and off.
    Now what do i need to do next.

    1. Hi! The voltages that you tested between W and C and R and C are normal when the furnace is calling for heat. It sounds like you either have a control board problem where the relay on the control board is not sending voltage to the draft inducer or you have a draft inducer problem. I would suggest checking the voltage that goes to the draft inducer. If you are getting 110 volts to the inducer motor and it is not working then your have a draft inducer motor problem. If you aren’t getting voltage to the draft inducer then you need a control board. It is normal for the furnace fan to run for a couple of minutes when the furnace is powered up from the power switch. If you would like for me to look up part then please send your furnace product number to our email address and I will be glad to look up parts. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Steve

      1. Steve,
        I’m only getting 25 volts AC, the wires that connected to the draft inducer .
        My PC board, P/N 1012-940-J HK42FZ009.

        Rudy del Rosario

      2. Hi! If you are only getting 24 volts to the draft inducer when the thermostat is calling for heat then you probably need a new control board. Please make sure that you are getting 24 to 28 Volts AC between the C (com) and W terminals on the control board when your thermostat is calling for heat. The HK42FZ009 control board has been replaced by the 325878-751 conversion kit control board that we sell on the following page: If you aren’t getting voltage to the draft inducer then more than likely the control board is at fault. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Steve

      3. Steve,
        Draft Inducer motor is this 110 volts , DC or AC.

      4. The draft inducer on most furnaces are powered by AC voltage. If you have a high efficiency furnace with an ECM draft inducer then it runs on DC. ECM motors are hard to troubleshoot and usually require special equipment for testing the motor. I hope you can easily find and fix your problem. Steve

  2. my rheem 3 ton gaspack will not ignite have replaced gas valve and ignitor getting spark to manifold when unit calls for heat I can light manually unit lights and runs until unit gets to set temperature .wnen thermostat calls for heat it sparks will not ignite can light manually

    1. Hi Mr. Creasy! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Rheem gaspack. Since the unit works correctly when you light it manually, then this sounds like to me it would be an issue with the control board not sending power to the PV (Pilot Valve) on you gas valve to light the pilot. The control that sends the power to the gas valve whether it be a control board or another control then this is probably your problem. Just to make sure I would suggest that you check all safety controls like the limit, rollouts and pressure switch to make sure they are closed and you can eliminate these safety controls as the problem. If you need me to look up parts please send your furnace’s model number and serial number to our email address and I will be glad to look up parts. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Steve

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