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My Trane IGN00145 Ignitor is going out too often? What could be the problem?

Problem: My Trane IGN00145 Ignitor is going out too often? What could be the problem? I am having to replace it quite often.

Three Answers:

(1) We had other customers who had problems with the IGN00145 ignitors not lasting very long so I called Trane technical support about this problem. The tech said it could be a loose wire or loose ground wire or the control board inputting too much voltage or not turning the ignitor off when it is supposed to. When the ignitor fires it should get the full 120 volts, but the voltage should start reducing (going down) the longer the ignitor stays on. So you might have a loose wire or have a control board problem. I would suggest that you check all wires to make sure they are good and tight. Please make sure the main ground wire on your furnace is good and tight. Dirt and moisture can always cause problems too. A leaking AC can ruin an ignitor. The ignitors should last many years. I hope you have a nice day!
Steve Arnold,
(2) An awesome customer of our named Joe emailed me with the following information after he was having constant Trane IGN00145 ignitor failure problems:

Hello Steve,
As you can see it has been a while since we discussed my igniter IGN00145 problems in my Trane unit. Its over a year with the same igniter installed as of today it is still functioning, I hope this note doesn’t jinx it. What I did was remove the Merv 13 filter I had installed and replaced it with a Merv 8. I remember reading about a dirty filter or reduced air flow can cause a problem with the igniter burning out. I am keeping the faith that it was caused by the reduced air flow with the Merv 13 filter.
Thank you for your help, felt I should keep you informed if anyone else is having a similar problem.
Thanks so much, Joe! What Joe is saying is that the Merv 13 filter was reducing the air flow through his furnace so much that it was causing the furnace to over-heat and go off on high limit, thus creating many on/off cycles in the furnace. Yes! this would be very hard on the ignitor, furnace and your electric bill if a furnace is cycling too much. If you think your furnace is cycling off and on too much I would recommend making sure that your furnace is not cycling off on high limit. Please make sure your filter is clean, blower wheel (squirrel cage) is clean, blower motor capacitor is in good shape, not weak and make sure your Air conditioner evaporator coil is not clogged up with dirt causing a restriction. All of these problems can cause a furnace to cycle too much and shorten your ignitor life. Some of the newer thermostats have short cycles of only 1-degree temperature difference. Most of the time these thermostats can be adjusted to provide a 2 to a 3-degree temperature difference or a longer cycle time. I hope this post has been helpful! If you have any question please email us anytime at
(3) We have had several people complain that their IGN00145 ignitors were not lasting very long. Many of these people found out that their HVAC service tech installed a new 120-volt HSI (Hot Surface Ignitor) control board and left the old 80-volt IGN00145 ignitor installed. That is the reason why people where going through so many ignitors. After our customers found out they had the 120-volt ignitor control board installed the customer would purchase a new IGN00152 ignitor from us only to find out that the ignitor plugs did not match the IGN00152. To solve that problem I called Trane and ordered the Wir06514 ignitor adapter wire. I decided to sell this adapter on our site so customers could install the IGN00152 without splicing the ignitor wires together.  Please click here if you need the ign00145 to ign00152 wire adapter harness. 

18 thoughts on “My Trane IGN00145 Ignitor is going out too often? What could be the problem?

  1. What years of Trane xv95 furnaces had the 80 volt igniters ? My furnace is 13 years old and
    still going strong , want to get a spare ignitor but not sure which one to get , your help would be

    1. Hi Garry! I will need your furnace’s model number in order to be able to look up parts and see which ignitor that your furnace uses. Please email me at with your furnace’s model number and I will be glad to look it up and give you a parts picture from our Trane parts program that shows which ignitor that your furnace uses. Your furnaces model number should be inside the furnace near the burner area. I hope you have a great day and a great Thanksgiving! Steve

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for your quick reply. Your suggestion list has my suggestion about the hi merv filter I replaced with a merv 8 The ignitor lasted 5 years.

    1. Hi Joseph! Glad to hear that when you lowered the Merv rating on your filter with a less restrictive filter the ignitor lasted longer! Thanks so much for posting this! I hope you have a great and blessed 2021!

  3. Hi, My ignitor went out after 2 years. The service person said there were a lot of them used in furnaces. I asked if there were any recalls & he said no, we just replace with a newer one. My question is why no recalls or can one be started? I haven’t even paid off the furnace & $190 to replace an ignitor known not to last long should not be.

    1. Hi Cynthia! Sorry that you did not know about ignitors not lasting long. I have been asking myself this question when I was doing service work. Some ignitors will last for over 10 years and others may be only a year. I am sorry that I can not answer your question because I am not a furnace engineer, but only sell parts. I hope that your ignitor lasts a long time, but I would recommend being prepared in case it goes out again. If you are good with your hands and have access to YouTube then you should be able to replace the ignitor yourself and save lots of $$$$. If you would like for me to look up and find out which ignitor your furnace uses then please send me your furnace’s model number to our email address: and I will be glad to look it up for you. Steve

  4. Hello, Again Steve,
    Looks like you were right!
    I recently had my furnace serviced and had mentioned to the tech that I was burning through hot surface ignitors at the rate of 3 to 4 every heating season. He checked with Trane/American Standard and determined the unit shipped to my home had been upgraded with the board that uses the 120V ignitor. The adapter cable that mates the existing wiring harness with the 120Volt ignitor (IGN00152) was left out, so they just installed the 80V ignitor (IGN00145) and shipped it out. It sounds like a real factory-build screw-up! Anyway, I’m happy we finally got to the bottom of this. Just to be on the safe side, I placed an order with you for an IGN00152 earlier this evening just to have it on hand if needed. I’m told the IGN00152 typically lasts about 10 years. Thanks again for all your help.

    1. Good Morning Larry! I am so glad to hear that you found out why your furnace was going through so many ignitors! Fantastic! I bet there are a lot of people out there that are having the same problem you had with a Trane, American Standard 120-volt control board using an IGN00145 80-volt ignitor. Thank you so very much for allowing me to post what you found your problem to be with ignitors going out so often! God Bless you and your family today and always! Steve

  5. I have a Trane XC95m furnace that has been upgraded w/new main board and a 120 volt ignitor due to several failures in the first two winters of operation. It has been good since with no failure since (1 1/2 winters. I would like to buy a spare ignitor to have on hand. Replacement is from drawing # D156805P01. Can you tell me one I need.

    1. Hi! More than likely if your furnace has been upgraded to one of the new KIT Trane control boards and you have a 120-volt ignitor then you would need the IGN00152 which we sell on the following page: If you would like for me to make sure then please send me your furnace’s model number to our email address: I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Steve

    2. Our xr90 Trane furnace never ran properly from day one. sometimes it would not ignite and go through sequences. After 10 years of lackluster performance and countless service calls from this furnace we finally called a new technician who discovered a problem. The circuit board supplied only 80 volts to a 120 volt ignitor. So, Trane had supplied the wrong circuit board ignitor combination. After installing a new aftermarket circuit board and ignitor, the problems went away and are furnace finally runs properly. This kind of mistake could be more common than just our isolated incident. As such, I have a hard time recommending a Trane furnace. Our next one will not be at Trane. To think our tenants put up with inconsistent heat and long cold spells for over a decade makes me angry. I hope this saves somebody some agony.

      1. Thanks for posting this. Yes! I recommend making sure you have the right ignitor installed. If you want, please send me your furnace’s model number and let me check to make sure you have the right ignitor. Our email address is Hope you have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Steve

  6. I have a goodman furnace Model # GMT115-5B, problem is the igniter stays lit after the furnace fires . I am on my second one

    1. Hi Steve! This sounds like the ignitor relay on the control board is sticking closed and will not release the 110 volts going to the ignitor. I looked it up in our Goodman parts program and it shows that your furnace uses the generic control board that we sell on the following page: Which is the B1809913S. We sell the OEM control board on the following page which is a little more expensive: I would recommend the generic board because both are made by White-Rodgers and are the pretty much the same. I hope you have a great day! Steve

  7. Hi Steve,
    I have been having this same issue. I just replaced the ignitor (again) about 1 month ago and it blew last night. Fortunately I have gotten into the habit of having a spare on hand but this makes the fourth ignitor in about 1.5 years, and at $60-$70 a pop this is not the best scenario I don’t think. I tugged the wires leading back to the control module and all seemed well placed. Also checked the plug at the control board and it is free of dust or other debris, and well seated. I did have a fairly dirty filter, so that may be an issue. But if the ignitor blows again and the filter is clean, could it be an issue with the board? I checked the voltage at the ignitor and it is only showing 111-112 volts at start-up. Could that be the issue? Thanks!

    1. Hi Eric! This could be a control board problem. Many of the Trane furnaces have had the control boards updated. Please send me your furnace’s model number and I will look it up in our Trane parts program to see if Trane recommends an update. It is normal for the ignitor to go up to 120 volts then the voltage should gradually decrease the longer the ignitor is lit. Please make sure that your ignitor is shutting off as soon as the gas ignites. Please check the ground wire from your main power supply to make sure the furnace is safety grounded with the bare copper wire. Please let know your furnace model number and I will look it up and see if Trane recommends an upgrade. Sorry you are having trouble with the ignitors burning out so often! Steve

      1. Sorry, replied in the wrong place!

        “Thanks for the super fast reply! It is a Trane TUD100C948K2. The control board is a White Rogers 50A55-486. It would appear there is a bare copper ground (I’m not much on electrical, but get the basics) coming in from the main electrical shutoff switch (mounted to the external left side of the unit). That ground goes into a junction box on the upper left side of the combustion chamber and grounds to the unit chassis (or shell I guess). The wire is solidly placed. The ignitor does shut down immediately upon gas light, and it takes roughly 10 seconds (I didn’t make an exact count) for the gas to start from the time the ignitor starts to glow.”

      2. Hi! Our Trane parts program shows that your furnace uses the CNT05165 that we sell on the following page: product/cnt05165-american-standard-trane-furnace-control-board/ Please see this screen shot picture from our Trane parts program: It does not show that your furnace uses an upgrade kit. It sounds like everything is working right as far as the ignitor starting and shutting off. Sorry I do not have an answer other than maybe try a control board. Steve

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