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Top 10 Thermostat Related Problems with Heating and Air Conditioning

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What are the top thermostat-related problems with heating and air conditioning? We have an excellent Youtube Video made by AC Service Tech LLC that explains what are the top 10 thermostat-related problems. Thanks so very much to Craig Migliaccio for taking the time to make this excellent video! The 10 problems that are discussed in this video are:

  1. Thermostat Location.
  2. Loose thermostat wire connections.
  3. No C (common) wire and the battery power is low.
  4. Mercury thermostat problems.
  5. Is the thermostat wired incorrectly?
  6. Thermostat wires intermittently touching each other or grounding out.
  7. Thermostat wires are nicked or broken apart.
  8. Thermostat program settings are incorrect.
  9. Having a hole in the wall, attic, or crawl space that is throwing the thermostat temperature off.
  10. The thermostat, control board, or other components could be bad.

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