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Top 10 Reasons Why the Blower Fan Motor will not come on. Furnaces, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Questions: We have many people ask, “how can I find out why my fan blower motor is not working?” “Why does my fan motor not work when I turn on my furnace or air conditioner?”

Answer: I found a real good Youtube video made by ACServicetech that explains the top 10 reasons why fan blower motors will not come on. ACServicetech goes over what to look for in the system, components that fail most often, how to test the components, where to take readings with a multimeter as well as other tips! This is a great video that I would highly recommend that you watch  if your fan blower will not come on. Many thanks to ACServicetech for making this informative video! If you have any questions please email us anytime. Our email address is: We would love to help you out and earn your business!

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