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What tools and supplies might I need to install a humidifier?

Question: What tools and supplies might I need to install a humidifier?


1. Sheet Metal tools to cut out the metal.
2. Electrical wire strippers, Needle nose pliers, a real small screw driver to attach the wires on the humidistat, regular screw drivers, pliers, open end wrenches for the water saddle valve installation.
3. Small wire nuts for the 18 gauge wire. Most of the time I use the orange wire nuts.
4. 3/4″ PVC pipe with some elbows and a Tee possibly for your drain line. PVC cement. Saw or cutter to cut PVC pipe. You might not need the PVC pipe, depending on how your drain is set up. Most people Tee into the existing air conditioning drain line.
5. If you have a by-pass humidifier like the 400, 550 or 600 then you would need a couple of 6″ Tin Vent elbows and 2′ to 4′ of 6″ straight tin vent piping for the by-pass part of the installation.
6. Sheet metal screws to screw the tin vent, by-pass pipe together.
7. 1/4″ copper tubing for the water line to the humidifier.
8. Pipe dope or Teflon tape to place around the threads on the saddle valve so it does not leak.
9. You might need an electrical outlet (metal) junction box and cover, depending on how you want to wire up the supplied transformer.
10. For the 700 humidifier you might need to mount a 110 volt outlet box on the outside of your furnace for the 700 to plug in. You would need an outlet box, receptacle, receptacle cover and some 14-2 romex wire to run from your furnace’s control board to the receptacle.
Most service people already have most of these supplies on their truck.

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