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Thermostat Replacement (Video)

This video will help homeowners learn how to replace their heating and cooling thermostat. Many Thanks to Home Depot for making this informative video. Please email us anytime if you have a question or comment below. Our email address is:

2 thoughts on “Thermostat Replacement (Video)

  1. Hello Steve,
    I have a Honeywell T8601D Chronotherm IV plus thermostat about 12 years old. The display is off and will not turn back on. This unit does not have any batteries. I took the unit off, checked wires, everything seems OK and snapped it back in….. and still no display.
    I cycled the main breaker from on to off at the main fuse board to reset, but still no display on T-Stat
    I also cycled the disconnect outside. i could not find any fuses. still no display.
    i then switched off the AC air handler and opened the cover. there is no display on the board, even when i depress the over-ride switch and main switch on.
    Everything looks clean and fairly dust free and no burn marks around the air handler, blower fan and circuit board.
    Any suggestions please i have no AC in this Texas Heat.
    The upstairs unit is still working OK

    1. Hi! I would suggest that you check between terminals R and C (com) with your volt meter set to “Volts AC” If you are not getting 24 to 28 volts AC between these two terminals then you have a a low voltage problem which could be a low voltage transformer problem or a broken thermostat wire problem. If you are getting 24 volt between R and C then you probably need a new thermostat. If the thermostat is bad you should be able to turn off the power to the system then connect the Red, Yellow and Green wires together to get your AC going. Red is the hot wire from the transformer. Yellow goes to the outdoor unit’s contactor and the Green wire goes to the fan relay on your air handler. If you have a heat pump you might have to also connect the “O” wire to the Red wire to energize the reversing valve. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Steve

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