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Test your air conditioner before it gets hot in the Spring. Needs to be above 75 degrees!

Recommendation: When the temperature gets above 75 degrees outside it is a good idea to test your air conditioner or heat pump system to make sure it is working properly before the air conditioning rush has HVAC contractors days behind and you waiting in a hot home.

I try to recommend to all of our customers to turn on and test their Air conditioner and heat pump units. I recommend that you let you let your unit run for about 15 minutes to make sure it is running OK and cold air is coming out of the registers. The air temperature coming out of the registers should be between 15 and 20 degrees colder than your indoor home temperature. A home that is 75 degrees inside should have 55 to 60 degree air coming out of the registers. If you are not getting this temperature difference, then I would recommend calling someone to have you air conditioner checked out before it really gets hot. I will be glad to try an answer any of your questions if you would like to comment or email us at:

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