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Question: What Are the Top 10 Furnace Troubleshooting Problems?

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Question: What are the top 10 gas furnace troubleshooting problems? What should I be looking for if my furnace stops working?

Answer: We have this question asked quite often. Here is the list of the top 10 problems that many service techs find out when troubleshooting furnaces. We also have some of the honorable mention furnace troubleshooting problems. This list of furnace problems was made and composed by Word of Advice TV.  We have a really good video made by AC Service Tech LLC that explains what are the 6 most often furnace parts that are misdiagnosed or blamed as bad. Thanks so very much to AC Service Tech for making this excellent video! Please feel free to email us anytime if you have any questions. Our email address is We would love to try and help you out and earn your business!

  1. A dirty flame sensor is the number one furnace troubleshooting problem.
  2. Having a dirty furnace filter that causes the furnace to go off on high limit. The furnace has poor airflow.
  3. Bad inducer motor.
  4. Bad blower motor.
  5. Bad control board.
  6. A bad gas valve is tied with having found a bad heat exchanger in the same number of service calls.
  7. Bad ignitor and tied with having found a plugged or stopped up evaporator coil in having the same number of service calls.
  8. Bad ignition module.
  9. Bad thermostat and tied with having found a dirty pilot assembly in having the same number of service calls.
  10. Plugged or stopped up condensate trap.

Honorable Mention Problems: 

    1. High limit switch stuck open.
    2. Bad pressure switch.
    3. Noisy blower wheel or motor.
    4. Bad 3 wire pilot.
    5. Blown control board fuse.
    6. The furnace breaker tripped.
    7. Leaking collector box.

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