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Question: How do I troubleshoot my Gas Furnace Spark Ignition Control?

Troubleshooting Gas & Electric Furnaces

Question: We have many nice people ask us questions about why their spark ignition gas furnace is not working right? Some of the problems are:

  1. My furnace does not spark.
  2. My spark ignition furnace will not light the pilot.
  3. My spark ignition furnace will not light the main gas valve.
  4. My spark ignition furnace cuts the main gas valve on for a short period of time and then cuts the gas right back off. What is wrong?

I found two real good Youtube videos below made by ACservicetech that will definitely help you in troubleshooting gas furnace spark ignition problems. Thanks to ACservicetech for making these two great videos. If you have any questions please let me, Steve Arnold know. Our email address is: I would love to try and help you out!

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