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Question: How do I troubleshoot my Gas Furnace Spark Ignition Control?

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Question: We have many nice people ask us questions about why their spark ignition gas furnace is not working right? Some of the problems are:

  1. My furnace does not spark.
  2. My spark ignition furnace will not light the pilot.
  3. My spark ignition furnace will not light the main gas valve.
  4. My spark ignition furnace cuts the main gas valve on for a short period of time and then cuts the gas right back off. What is wrong?
  5. How do I troubleshoot and fix my gas furnace spark ignition control?

Answer:  I found two really good Youtube videos below made by ACservicetech that will definitely help you in troubleshooting gas furnace spark ignition problems. Thanks to ACservicetech for making these two great videos. If you have any questions please let me, Steve Arnold know. Our email address is I would love to try and help you out and earn your business!

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2 thoughts on “Question: How do I troubleshoot my Gas Furnace Spark Ignition Control?

  1. I have a Goodman unit AC/Heat with spark ignition. It sparks one time and sparks no more. I tried a new control board, (not error codes) no difference, Changed the igniter, no difference. Had a HVAC company troubleshoot it with not solution. Why would it spark once and spark no more?

    1. I would like to suggest that you check all ground wire connections to make sure you do not have any burnt wires or loose wires. I would like to suggest that you make sure you are getting a constant 24 to 28 volt reading between the W and C (common) terminals on your control board from the thermostat when the thermostat is calling for heating. If the 24 volts is dropping out then this would cause the spark to stop. If your thermostat uses batteries please make sure the batteries are in good condition. A poor ground would also cause this problem. If the spark control is housed in the new control board you installed then maybe you have a bad control board. I am sorry that I can not be of more help. Steve

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