SWT02357, SWT04232 American Standard Trane Furnace Pressure Switch


The SWT02357 part number has been changed and updated to part number SWT04232. The SWT04232 American Standard Trane Furnace Pressure Switch is brand new and comes in a well-packed OEM Factory parts box. The SWT04232 pressure switch replaces old pressure switch part numbers: SWT02357, SWT01760, SWT01741, SWT0226, and SWT02261. Same Business Day Shipping! In Stock and Ready to Ship!

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  • The SWT02357 part number has been changed and updated to part number SWT04232.
  • The SWT04232 American Standard Trane Furnace Pressure Switch is brand new and comes in a well-packed OEM Factory parts box.
  • The SWT04232 American Standard Trane Furnace Pressure Switch has the following specifications:
    • 24 VAC, HIGH SIDE .50 WC,
    • LOW SIDE .17 WC
  • The SWT04232 pressure switch replaces old pressure switch part numbers: SWT02357, SWT01760, SWT01741, SWT0226, and SWT02261.
  • Below have a list of furnace model numbers where the SWT04232, SWT04232 pressure switch is used.
  • We made a special page for furnace pressure switch troubleshooting. Please click here if you would like to see our furnace pressure switch troubleshooting page. We have a YouTube video that discusses pressure switch troubleshooting.
  • Please email us your furnace’s model number if you would like us to check and make sure this is the right pressure switch for your furnace. Our email address is: arnoldservice@gmail.com
  • We Would Love to Help You Out and Have Your Business!


swt04232 trane pressure switch swt04232 trane pressure switch side

The SWT02357, SWT04232 is used in the following American Standard and Trane Furnace models:
AUD100R960K0 AUD100R960K1 AUD100R960K2 AUD100R960K4 AUD100R960K5 AUD100R961K0 AUD100R961K1 AUD100R961K2 AUD100R961K4 AUD100R961K5 AUD100R9V3K2 AUD100R9V3K3 AUD100R9V3K4 AUD100R9V3K5 AUD100R9V5K0 AUD100R9V5K1 AUD100R9V5K2 AUD100R9V5K3 AUD100R9V5K4 AUD100R9V5K5 AUD120R954K0 AUD120R954K1 AUD120R954K2 AUD120R954K4 AUD120R954K5 AUD120R960K0 AUD120R960K1 AUD120R960K2 AUD120R960K4 AUD120R960K5 AUD120R9V5K0 AUD120R9V5K1 AUD120R9V5K2 AUD120R9V5K3 AUD120R9V5K4 AUD120R9V5K5 AUD140R960K0 AUD140R960K1 AUD140R960K2 AUD140R960K4 AUD140R960K5 AUD140R9V5K0 AUD140R9V5K1 AUD140R9V5K2 AUD140R9V5K3 AUD140R9V5K4 AUD140R9V5K5 AUD2A040A9242AA AUD2A040A9242AB AUD2A040A9242AC AUD2A060A9362AA AUD2A060A9362AB AUD2A060A9362AC AUD2B060A9362AA AUD2B060A9362AB AUD2B060A9362AC AUD2B060A9V3VBA AUD2B060ACV32AA AUD2B060ACV32AB AUD2B060AFV32AA AUD2B060AFV32AB AUD2B080A9362AA AUD2B080A9362AB AUD2B080A9362AC AUD2B080A9482AA AUD2B080A9482AB AUD2B080A9482AC AUD2B080A9V3VBA AUD2B080ACV32AA AUD2B080ACV32AB AUD2B080AFV32AA AUD2B080AFV32AB AUD2B100A9362AA AUD2B100A9362AB AUD2B100A9362AC AUD2B100A9V3VBA AUD2B100ACV32AA AUD2B100ACV32AB AUD2B100AFV32AA AUD2B100AFV32AB AUD2C080A9V4VBA AUD2C080ACV42AA AUD2C080ACV42AB AUD2C080AFV42AA AUD2C080AFV42AB AUD2C080B9V4VAA AUD2C080B9V4VBA AUD2C100A9482AA AUD2C100A9482AB AUD2C100A9482AC AUD2C100A9602AA AUD2C100A9602AB AUD2C100A9602AC AUD2C100A9V5VBA AUD2C100ACV52AA AUD2C100ACV52AB AUD2C100B9V5VAA AUD2C100B9V5VBA AUD2C120A9542AA AUD2C120A9542AB AUD2C120A9542AC AUD2D100A9602AA AUD2D100A9602AB AUD2D100A9602AC AUD2D120A9602AA AUD2D120A9602AB AUD2D120A9602AC AUD2D120A9V5VBA AUD2D120ACV52AA AUD2D120ACV52AB AUD2D120AFV52AA AUD2D120AFV52AB AUD2D120B9V5VAA AUD2D120B9V5VBA AUD2D140A9602AA AUD2D140A9602AB AUD2D140A9602AC AUD2D140A9V5VBA AUD2D140ACV52AA AUD2D140ACV52AB TDD040R924F0 TDD040R924F1 TDD040R924F2 TDD040R924F3 TDD040R924F4 TDD060R936F0 TDD060R936F1 TDD060R936F2 TDD060R936F3 TDD060R936F4 TDD060R937F4 TDD060R9V3F0 TDD060R9V3F1 TDD060R9V3F2 TDD060R9V3F3 TDD060R9V3F4 TDD060R9V3F5 TDD080R936F0 TDD080R936F1 TDD080R936F2 TDD080R936F3 TDD080R936F4 TDD080R9V3F0 TDD080R9V3F1 TDD080R9V3F2 TDD080R9V3F3 TDD080R9V3F4 TDD080R9V3F5 TDD100R945F0 TDD100R945F1 TDD100R945F2 TDD100R945F3 TDD100R945F4 TDD100R948F0 TDD100R948F1 TDD100R948F2 TDD100R948F3 TDD100R948F4 TDD100R960F0 TDD100R960F1 TDD100R960F2 TDD100R960F3 TDD100R960F4 TDD100R9V5F0 TDD100R9V5F1 TDD100R9V5F2 TDD100R9V5F3 TDD100R9V5F4 TDD100R9V5F5 TDD120R960F0 TDD120R960F1 TDD120R960F2 TDD120R960F3 TDD120R960F4 TDD120R9V5F0 TDD120R9V5F1 TDD120R9V5F2 TDD120R9V5F3 TDD120R9V5F4 TDD120R9V5F5 TDD140R960F0 TDD140R960F1 TDD140R960F2 TDD140R960F3 TDD140R960F4 TDD2A040A9242AA TDD2A040A9242AB TDD2A040A9242AC TDD2A060A9362AA TDD2A060A9362AB TDD2A060A9362AC TDD2B060A9362AA TDD2B060A9362AB TDD2B060A9362AC TDD2B060A9V3VAA TDD2B060ACV32AA TDD2B060ACV32AB TDD2B080A9362AA TDD2B080A9362AB TDD2B080A9362AC TDD2B080A9V3VAA TDD2B080ACV32AA TDD2B080ACV32AB TDD2B100A9482AA TDD2B100A9482AB TDD2B100A9482AC TDD2C100A9482AA TDD2C100A9482AB TDD2C100A9482AC TDD2C100A9602AA TDD2C100A9602AB TDD2C100A9602AC TDD2C100A9V5VAA TDD2C100ACV52AA TDD2C100ACV52AB TDD2D120A9602AA TDD2D120A9602AB TDD2D120A9602AC TDD2D120A9V5VAA TDD2D120ACV52AA TDD2D120ACV52AB TDD2D140A9602AA TDD2D140A9602AB TDD2D140A9602AC TUD040R924K0 TUD040R924K1 TUD040R924K2 TUD040R924K4 TUD040R924K5 TUD060R936K0 TUD060R936K1 TUD060R936K2 TUD060R936K3 TUD060R936K4 TUD060R936K5 TUD060R937K5 TUD060R9V3K0 TUD060R9V3K1 TUD060R9V3K2 TUD060R9V3K3 TUD060R9V3K4 TUD060R9V3K5 TUD080R936K0 TUD080R936K1 TUD080R936K2 TUD080R936K4 TUD080R936K5 TUD080R948K0 TUD080R948K2 TUD080R948K4 TUD080R948K5 TUD080R9V3K0 TUD080R9V3K1 TUD080R9V3K2 TUD080R9V3K3 TUD080R9V3K4 TUD080R9V3K5 TUD080R9V4K2 TUD080R9V4K3 TUD080R9V4K4 TUD080R9V4K5 TUD100R936K0 TUD100R936K1 TUD100R936K2 TUD100R936K4 TUD100R936K5 TUD100R948K0 TUD100R948K1 TUD100R948K2 TUD100R948K4 TUD100R948K5 TUD100R960K0 TUD100R960K1 TUD100R960K2 TUD100R960K4 TUD100R960K5 TUD100R961K0 TUD100R961K1 TUD100R961K2 TUD100R961K4 TUD100R961K5 TUD100R9V3K2 TUD100R9V3K3 TUD100R9V3K4 TUD100R9V3K5 TUD100R9V5K0 TUD100R9V5K1 TUD100R9V5K2 TUD100R9V5K3 TUD100R9V5K4 TUD100R9V5K5 TUD120R954K0 TUD120R954K1 TUD120R954K2 TUD120R954K4 TUD120R954K5 TUD120R960K0 TUD120R960K1 TUD120R960K2 TUD120R960K4 TUD120R960K5 TUD120R9V5K0 TUD120R9V5K1 TUD120R9V5K2 TUD120R9V5K3 TUD120R9V5K4 TUD120R9V5K5 TUD140R960K0 TUD140R960K1 TUD140R960K2 TUD140R960K4 TUD140R960K5 TUD140R9V5K0 TUD140R9V5K1 TUD140R9V5K2 TUD140R9V5K3 TUD140R9V5K4 TUD140R9V5K5 TUD2A040A9242AA TUD2A040A9242AB TUD2A040A9242AC TUD2A060A9362AA TUD2A060A9362AB TUD2A060A9362AC TUD2B060A9362AA TUD2B060A9362AB TUD2B060A9362AC TUD2B060A9V3VBA TUD2B060ACV32AA TUD2B060ACV32AB TUD2B060AFV32AA TUD2B060AFV32AB TUD2B080A9362AA TUD2B080A9362AB TUD2B080A9362AC TUD2B080A9482AA TUD2B080A9482AB TUD2B080A9482AC TUD2B080A9V3VBA TUD2B080ACV32AA TUD2B080ACV32AB TUD2B080AFV32AA TUD2B080AFV32AB TUD2B100A9362AA TUD2B100A9362AB TUD2B100A9362AC TUD2B100A9V3VBA TUD2B100ACV32AA TUD2B100ACV32AB TUD2B100AFV32AA TUD2B100AFV32AB TUD2C080A9V4VBA TUD2C080ACV42AA TUD2C080ACV42AB TUD2C080AFV42AA TUD2C080AFV42AB TUD2C080B9V4VAA TUD2C080B9V4VBA TUD2C100A9482AA TUD2C100A9482AB TUD2C100A9482AC TUD2C100A9602AA TUD2C100A9602AB TUD2C100A9602AC TUD2C100A9V5VBA TUD2C100ACV52AA TUD2C100ACV52AB TUD2C100B9V5VAA TUD2C100B9V5VBA TUD2C120A9542AA TUD2C120A9542AB TUD2C120A9542AC TUD2D100A9602AA TUD2D100A9602AB TUD2D100A9602AC TUD2D120A9602AA TUD2D120A9602AB TUD2D120A9602AC TUD2D120A9V5VBA TUD2D120ACV52AA TUD2D120ACV52AB TUD2D120AFV52AA TUD2D120AFV52AB TUD2D120B9V5VAA TUD2D120B9V5VBA TUD2D140A9602AA TUD2D140A9602AB TUD2D140A9602AC TUD2D140A9V5VBA TUD2D140ACV52AA TUD2D140ACV52AB

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 10 in


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