S1-02529041004 York Luxaire Coleman Evcon Fraser Johnson Furnace Limit Switch


The S1-02529041004 furnace limit switch is brand new and comes in a sealed Source 1 factory parts bag. The S1-02529041004 opens the circuit at 160 degrees F and closes the circuit at 130 degrees F. This limit switch resets automatically. Same Business Day Shipping. In Stock and Ready to Ship!


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Purchase the S1-02529041004 York Luxaire Coleman Evcon Fraser Johnson Furnace Rollout Limit Switch from Us and Save!

S1 02529041004 york limitS1 02529041004 label 1

  • The S1-02529041004 York Coleman Evcon Fraser Johnson Furnace Limit Switch is brand new and comes in a sealed Source 1 factory parts bag.
  • Sometimes this part number is used without the “S1” which means “Source One”. The part number might be 02529041004.
  • The S1-02529041004 opens at 160 degrees F and closes at 130 degrees F. This limit switch resets automatically.
  • This Limit Switch replaces the following:
    S1-02529041004, L160F-30, 1NT17L-1875, L39-377, 17533, INT17L-1875
  • The S1-02529041004 furnace limit switch is used on the following furnace models: DGAD (060), DGAF (100), DGD (120), DGU (040-080),1, G8T10016UHD11, G8T11516UHC11, G8T13020UHD11(080), GDD (120), GUD (040-080), L8T (080-115), G8T10020DNB11, G8T11516DNC11, G9T04010UPA13, G9T08016UPC13, G9T14020UPC13, G9T06012DHB, G9T10020DHC, G8T08012UHA. We have a more comprehensive list below.
  • Same Business Day Shipping. In Stock and Ready to Ship!
  • *FYI: A furnace limit is a safety device that is used to cut the gas burners off if the furnace over-heats. If your furnace is going off on limit you might have an airflow problem like a dirty filter, dirty blower, slow blower motor (might need a new capacitor) stopped up evaporator coil or too much gas pressure. All of these can cause the furnace to overheat and go off on limit. Many times when the furnace goes off on limit the fan blower will continuously blow because the furnace control board senses that the furnace has overheated and needs to cool down.  The only way to get the blower to cut off is to turn off the furnace with the power switch. You can test a limit with a voltmeter to see if it is open or not.  On most limits, you should get 24 volts from each of the two wires on the limit to a good ground.
  •  Please send your furnace’s model number if you would like for us to use our York, Coleman program to look and see if this is the right limit switch for your furnace.
  • Our email address is:
  • We Would Love to help you out and Have Your Business!

The S1-02529041004 limit is used in the following furnace model numbers:

Compatible with the following units:
UGAD060CD UGAF100CD 37326083000 6MG11 6MG13 6MG17 6MG19 6MG23 DGAD060CD DGAD060CDC DGAD060CDD DGAD060CDE DGAD060CDG DGAD060CDH DGAD060CDJ DGAD060CDK DGAD060CDL DGAE080CD DGAE080CDG DGAE080CDH DGAE080CDJ DGAE080CDK DGAE080CDL DGAF100CDC DGAF100CDD DGAF100CDE DGD12020UA DGD12020UB DGU04008U DGU04008UA DGU04008UB DGU08016U DGU08016UA DGU08016UB FC8S100B12DH11 FC8S100B12DN11 FC8S100B12DN11A FC8S100B12DN11B FC8S115C16DH11 FC8S115C16DN11 FC8S115C16DN11A FC8S115C16DN11B FC8S115C20DH11 FC8T100B12DH11 FC8T100B12DN11 FC8T100B12DN11A FC8T100B12DN11B FC8T120C20DH11 FC8T120C20DN11 FC8T120C20DN11A FC8T120C20DN11B FC8V120C20DH11 FC9C060B12UP11 FC9C100C20UP11 FC9M060B12UP11 FC9M100C20UP11 FC9S060B12DH11 FC9S060B12DH11A FC9S060B12UP11 FC9S060B12UP11A FC9S060B12UP11B FC9S080B12DH11 FC9S080C16DH11 FC9S080C16DH11A FC9S100C20UP11 FC9S100C20UP11A FC9S100C20UP11B FC9T080B12DH11 FC9T080B12DH11A FC9V080B12DH11 FC9V080B12DH11A FG9A04008UP11A FG9A04010UP11 FG9A04010UP11C FG9A04010UP11G FG9B06012DH11 FG9B06012DH11B FG9B06012DH11C FG9B06012DH11D FG9B06012DH11D FG9B06012DH11G FG9C08016UP11 FG9C08016UP11A FG9C08016UP11C FG9C08016UP11G FG9C10020DH11 FG9C10020DH11B FG9C10020DH11C FG9C10020DH11D FG9C10020DH11D FG9C10020DH11G FG9D14020UP11 FG9D14020UP11A FG9D14020UP11C FG9D14020UP11D FG9D14020UP11G FL8B08016UH12A FL8S100B12DH11 FL8S100B12DN11 FL8S100B12DN11A FL8S100B12DN11B FL8S115C16DH11 FL8S115C16DN11 FL8S115C16DN11A FL8S115C16DN11B FL8S115C20DH11 FL8T100B12DH11 FL8T100B12DN11 FL8T100B12DN11A FL8T100B12DN11B FL8T120C20DH11 FL8T120C20DN11 FL8T120C20DN11A FL8T120C20DN11B FL8V120C20DH11 FL9S060B12DH11 FL9S060B12DH11A FL9S060B12UP11 FL9S060B12UP11A FL9S060B12UP11B FL9S080B12DH11 FL9S080C16DH11 FL9S080C16DH11A FL9S100C20UP11 FL9S100C20UP11A FL9S100C20UP11B FL9T080B12DH11 FL9T080B12DH11A FL9V080B12DH11 FL9V080B12DH11A G8D10012DNB11 G8D10012DNB11C G8D12020DNC11 G8D12020DNC11C G8T08016UHB11A G8T10012DNB11 G8T10012DNB11A G8T10012DNB11A G8T11516DNC11 G8T11516DNC11A G8T11516DNC11A G9D06012UPB11 G9D06012UPB11A G9D06012UPB11B G9D06012UPB11C G9D08016UPC11 G9D08016UPC11A G9D08016UPC11B G9D08016UPC11C G9D10020UPC11 G9D10020UPC11A G9D10020UPC11B G9D10020UPC11C G9T04008UPA13A G9T04008UPA13B G9T04010UPA13 G9T04010UPA13C G9T04010UPA13G G9T06012DHB13 G9T06012DHB13A G9T06012DHB13B G9T06012DHB13C G9T06012DHB13D G9T06012DHB13D G9T06012DHB13G G9T08016UPC13 G9T08016UPC13A G9T08016UPC13B G9T08016UPC13C G9T10020DHC13 G9T10020DHC13A G9T10020DHC13B G9T10020DHC13C G9T10020DHC13D G9T10020DHC13D G9T10020DHC13G G9T14020UPD13 G9T14020UPD13A G9T14020UPD13B G9T14020UPD13C G9T14020UPD13D G9T14020UPD13G G9V06012UPB11 G9V06012UPB11A G9V06012UPB11A G9V06012UPB11B G9V06012UPB11G G9V08012DHB11A G9V08016UPC11 G9V08016UPC11A G9V08016UPC11A G9V08016UPC11B G9V08016UPC11G G9V10020DHC11 G9V10020UPC11 G9V10020UPC11A G9V10020UPC11A G9V10020UPC11B G9V10020UPC11G G9V12020UPD11A GDD12020UB GF9S060B12DH11 GF9S060B12DH11A GF9S060B12DH11G GF9S060B12UP11 GF9S060B12UP11A GF9S060B12UP11G GF9S060B12UP11H GF9S080C16DH11 GF9S080C16DH11A GF9S080C16DH11G GF9S100C20UP11 GF9S100C20UP11G GF9S100C20UP11H GM8S100B12DH11 GM8S100B12DN11 GM8S100B12DN11A GM8S100B12DN11B GM8S115C16DH11 GM8S115C16DN11 GM8S115C16DN11A GM8S115C16DN11B GM8T100B12DH11 GM8T100B12DN11 GM8T100B12DN11A GM8T100B12DN11B GM8T120C20DH11 GM8T120C20DN11 GM8T120C20DN11A GM8T120C20DN11B GM8V120C20DH11 GM9F048B12UP11 GM9S060B12DH11 GM9S060B12DH11A GM9S060B12DH11G GM9S060B12UP11 GM9S060B12UP11A GM9S060B12UP11G GM9S060B12UP11H GM9S080C16DH11 GM9S080C16DH11A GM9S080C16DH11G GM9S100C20UP11 GM9S100C20UP11G GM9S100C20UP11H GM9T080B12DH11 GM9T080B12DH11A GM9V080B12DH11 GM9V080B12DH11A GUD04008UB GUD08016UB GY8S100B12DH11 GY8S100B12DN11 GY8S100B12DN11A GY8S115C16DH11 GY8S115C16DN11 GY8S115C16DN11A GY8S115C16DN11B GY8S160E30UH21 GY8S160E30UH21A GY8S160E30UH21B GY9F048B12UP11 GY9S060B12DH11 GY9S060B12DH11A GY9S060B12DH11G GY9S060B12UP11 GY9S060B12UP11A GY9S060B12UP11G GY9S060B12UP11H GY9S080C16DH11 GY9S080C16DH11A GY9S080C16DH11G GY9S100C20UP11 GY9S100C20UP11G GY9S100C20UP11H L8T08016UHB11A L8T10012DNB11 L8T10012DNB11A L8T10012DNB11A LC8S100B12DH11 LC8S115C16DH11 LC8S115C20DH11 LC8T100B12DH11 LC8T120C20DH11 LC8V120C20DH11 LL8S100B12DH11 LL8S115C16DH11 LL8S115C20DH11 LL8T100B12DH11 LL8T120C20DH11 LL8V120C20DH11 LM8S100B12DH11 LM8S100B12DN11 LM8S100B12DN11A LM8S100B12DN11B LM8S115C16DH11 LM8S115C16DN11 LM8S115C16DN11A LM8S115C16DN11B LM8T100B12DH11 LM8T120C20DH11 LM8V120C20DH11 LY8S100B12DH11 LY8S100B12DN11 LY8S100B12DN11A LY8S115C16DH11 LY8S115C16DN11 LY8S115C16DN11A LY8S115C16DN11B P1CDD20N11401A P1CKD12L06401A P1CKD12N06401A P1CKD16L06401A P1CKD16N06401A P1CXD12N08001A P1DDB12N08001 P1DDB12N08001C P1DDC20N09601 P1DDC20N09601C P1UKD12N06401A P1UKD16N06401A P1XDB12V07501A P1XDC20V09501 P1XUB12N05501 P1XUB12N05501A P1XUB12N05501B P1XUB12N05501C P1XUB12V05501 P1XUB12V05501A P1XUB12V05501B P1XUB12V05501C P1XUB12V05501D P1XUB12V05501G P1XUC16N07501 P1XUC16N07501A P1XUC16N07501B P1XUC16N07501C P1XUC16V07501 P1XUC16V07501A P1XUC16V07501B P1XUC16V07501C P1XUC16V07501D P1XUC16V07501G P1XUC20N09501 P1XUC20N09501A P1XUC20N09501B P1XUC20N09501C P1XUC20V09501 P1XUC20V09501A P1XUC20V09501B P1XUC20V09501C P1XUC20V09501D P1XUC20V09501G P2CDD20N11401A P2DPD12N08001A P2DPD12N08001B P2DPD12N08001C P2DRB12N05501A P2DRC20N09501A P2MPD12L06401A P2MPD12L06401B P2MPD12L06401C P2MPD12L06401D P2MPD12L06401E P2MPD12N06401A P2MPD12N06401B P2MPD12N06401C P2MPD12N06401D P2MPD12N06401E P2MPD12N06401F P2MPD12N06401G P2MPD16L06401A P2MPD16L06401B P2MPD16L06401C P2MPD16L06401D P2MPD16L06401E P2MPD16N06401A P2MPD16N06401B P2MPD16N06401C P2MPD16N06401D P2MPD16N06401E P2MPD16N06401F P2MPD16N06401G P2MPV12N06401A P2MPV12N06401C P2MPV12N06401D P2MPV12N06401E P2MPV12N06401F P2MPV12N06401G P2URD08N03701A P2URD16N07501A P2URD20N13001A P3DHB12N05501 P3DHB12N05501A P3DHB12N05501B P3DHB12N05501C P3DHB12N05501D P3DHB12N05501D P3DHB12N05501G P3DHC20N09501 P3DHC20N09501A P3DHC20N09501B P3DHC20N09501C P3DHC20N09501D P3DHC20N09501D P3DHC20N09501G P3DNB16L06401A P3DNB16N06401A P3DNC16L09201A P3DNC16N09201A P3HUE30N13006 P3URA08N03701A P3URA08N03701B P3URA08N03701B P3URA08N03701C P3URA08N03701C P3URA08N03701D P3URA10N03701 P3URA10N03701E P3URA10N03701G P3URC16N07501 P3URC16N07501B P3URC16N07501B P3URC16N07501C P3URC16N07501C P3URC16N07501D P3URC16N07501E P3URD08N03701A P3URD16N07501A P3URD20N13001 P3URD20N13001A P3URD20N13001A P3URD20N13001B P3URD20N13001B P3URD20N13001C P3URD20N13001C P3URD20N13001D P3URD20N13001E P3URD20N13001F P3URD20N13001G P4DNB12L08001 P4DNB12L08001A P4DNB12L08001A P4DNB12N08001 P4DNB12N08001A P4DNB12N08001A P4DNC16L09201 P4DNC16L09201A P4DNC16L09201A P4DNC16N09201 P4DNC16N09201A P4DNC16N09201A P4HUB16L06401A P4HUB16L06401A P4HUB16L06401B P4HUB16N06401A P4HUE30N13006 P4HUE30N13006A P9CKD12N06401A P9MPD12N06401A P9MPD12N06401B P9MPD12N06401C P9MPD12N06401D P9MPD12N06401E PACE-LD12L06401 PACE-LD12N080 PACE-LD16L06401 PACE-LD16N080 PACR-LD12N100 PAKU-LD12N080 PAKU-LD16N080 PAND-LD20N120 PBKD-LD12N100A PBKD-LD12N100B PBKD-LD12N100C PBKM-LD12L080A PBKM-LD12L080B PBKM-LD12L080C PBKM-LD12L080D PBKM-LD12L080E PBKM-LD12N080A PBKM-LD12N080B PBKM-LD12N080C PBKM-LD12N080D PBKM-LD12N080E PBKM-LD12N080F PBKM-LD12N080G PBKM-LD16L080A PBKM-LD16L080B PBKM-LD16L080C PBKM-LD16L080D PBKM-LD16L080E PBKM-LD16N080A PBKM-LD16N080B PBKM-LD16N080C PBKM-LD16N080D PBKM-LD16N080E PBKM-LD16N080F PBKM-LD16N080G PBKM-LV12N080A PBKM-LV12N080B PBKM-LV12N080C PBKM-LV12N080D PBKM-LV12N080E PBKM-LV12N080F PBKM-LV12N080G PBLDBLD12N060 PBLDBLD12N080 PBLU-LD08N040 PBLU-LD16N080 PBLU-LD20N140 PBND-LD20N120 PC9B12N060DH11 PC9B12N060UP11 PC9B12N080DH11 PC9C16N080DH11 PC9C20N100UP11 PCDFBLD12L100A PCDFBLD12L100B PCDFBLD12N100A PCDFBLD12N100B PCDFCLD16L115A PCDFCLD16L115B PCDFCLD16N115A PCDFCLD16N115B PCLUALD08N040B PCLUCLD16N080B PCLUDLD20N140B PCLU-LD08N040A PCLU-LD16N080A PCLU-LD20N140A PM9B12N060DH11 PM9B12N060UP11 PM9B12N080DH11 PM9C16N080DH11 PM9C20N100UP11 PS8B12L100DH11 PS8B12N100DH11 PS8B12N100DN11 PS8B12N100DN11A PS8B12N100DN11B PS8C16L115DH11 PS8C16N115DH11 PS8C16N115DN11 PS8C16N115DN11A PS8C16N115DN11B PS8C20L115DH11 PS8C20N115DH11 PS8E30N130UH21 PS8E30N130UH21A PS9B12N060DH11 PS9B12N060DH11A PS9B12N060UP11 PS9B12N060UP11A PS9B12N080DH11 PS9C16N080DH11 PS9C16N080DH11A PS9C20N100UP11 PS9C20N100UP11A PS9D20N120UP11 PT8B12L100DH11 PT8B12N100DH11 PT8B12N100DN11 PT8B12N100DN11A PT8B12N100DN11B PT8C20L120DH11 PT8C20N120DH11 PT8C20N120DN11 PT8C20N120DN11A PT8C20N120DN11B PT9B12N080DH11 PT9B12N080DH11A PV8C20L120DH11 PV8C20N120DH11 PV8C20N120DN11 PV9B12N080DH11 PV9B12N080DH11A S1-02529041004 S1-37326083000 XED0212G100A XED0212G100B XED0212G100C XEM0212N080A XEM0212N080B XEM0216N080A XEU0212N080 XEU0216N080 XND1120G120 XYF80100BN3-A XYF80100BN3-AA XYF80100BN3-AB XYF80100BN3LA XYF80100BN3LAA XYF80100BN3LAB XYF80115CN4-A XYF80115CN4-AA XYF80115CN4-AB XYF8S100BN3-A XYF8S100BN3-AA XYF8S100BN3-AC XYF8S100BN3-AD XYF8S120CN5-A XYF8S120CN5-AA XYF8S120CN5-AC XYF8S120CN5-AD XYF90060BN3-A XYF90060BN3-AA XYF90060BN3-AB XYF90060BU3-A XYF90060BU3-AA XYF90060BU3-AB XYF90060BU3-AC XYF9S060BU3-A XYF9S060BU3-AA XYF9S080CU4-A XYF9S080CU4-AA XYF9V060BU3-A XYF9V060BU3-AA XYF9V080BN3-A XYF9V080BN3-AB XYF9V080CU4-A XYF9V080CU4-AA XYF9V100CU5-A XYF9V100CU5-AA XYG80100BN3-A XYG80100BN3LA XYG80115CN4-A XYG80115CN4LA XYG8S100BN3-A XYG8S120CN5-A XYG90060BU3-A XYG9S080BN3-A XYG9V080BN3-A

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 7 in


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