Rheem Ruud Gas Furnace Burner 75-22840-02


We sell brand new Rheem, Ruud gas furnace burners to you at low prices. The burner part number is: 75-22840-02 . The 75-22840-02 replaces part numbers: 75-22840-82 and 75-22840-01. The burner comes in an OEM Rheem Ruud Genuine Factory Authorized Part box. These Burners will be shipped the Next Business Day. Order before 9 AM Eastern Time for same business day shipping.

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Purchase Your 75-22840-02 Rheem Ruud Gas Furnace Burners from Us and Save!

These Burners will be shipped the Next Business Day.

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  •  We sell brand new 75-22840-02 Rheem, Ruud Gas Furnace Burners .
  • The 75-22840-02 replaces part number: 75-22840-82 and 75-22840-01.
  •  The burner comes in an OEM Rheem Ruud Genuine Factory Authorized Part box.
  • If your furnace burners are getting old and rusty then a set of new burners should increase furnace efficiency providing a clean burn.
  • This Rheem Ruud part number 75-22840-02 is used on many Rheem, Ruud furnaces. Please see the list of furnace models where this burner is used below.
  • We sell other Rheem, Ruud furnace parts on the following page: Please click here if you would like to see other Rheem Ruud furnace parts that we sell.
  • Please email us your furnace’s model number if you would like for us to make sure this is the right burner for your furnace: Our email address is: arnoldservice@gmail.com
  • We would love to help you out and have your business!
The 75-22840-02 Rheem, Ruud Gas Furnace Burners are used on the following furnace models and replace the part number next to each model.
 UGDG have the same parts as RGDG. If you have a Rheem furnace replace the “U” in the model number with an “R”.
Model: Part:
UGDG 75-22840-01
UGLG 75-22840-01
URKA-A 75-22840-01
VGDG 75-22840-02
UGDG 75-22840-02
UGDJ 75-22840-02
UGLH 75-22840-02
UGLH 75-22840-02
UGLJ 75-22840-02
UGPH 75-22840-02
UGPJ 75-22840-02
UGVG 75-22840-02
UGVH 75-22840-02
UGVJ 75-22840-02
UKKA 75-22840-02
80PJ 75-22840-02
RKMA 75-22840-02
RKNA 75-22840-02
RKNL-A 75-22840-02
RKPL-A 75-22840-02
RQPW-B 75-22840-02
RRNA-A 75-22840-02
RRNA-B 75-22840-02
RRNA-C 75-22840-02
RRNL-B 75-22840-02
RRPL-B 75-22840-02
URMA-A 75-22840-02

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Dimensions 10 × 6 × 7 in