LH680005 Bryant Carrier 3 Wire Pilot Burner by Supco FLS0005


The LH680005, FLS0005, 3 wire pilot burner is a brand new Supco, Bryant Carrier pilot burner that comes in a sealed plastic bag. The Supco part number is FLS0005. The Supco FLS0005, LH680005 pilot burner comes with a new spark electrode. There is no need to purchase the LH680512 spark electrode. We are so glad to find the FLS0005 3 wire pilot burner replacement because Bryant and Carrier quit making the OEM LH680005 pilot burner in 2018. Below we have a YouTube video that explains how the 3 wire pilot works. This 3 wire pilot burner is set up for natural gas and does not have an LP conversion orifice. Same Business Day Shipping! In Stock and Ready to Ship!

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lh680005 3 wire pilot burner

lh680005 fls0005 supco 3 wire pilot
Above the 3-Wire Pilot Comes in a Box Sometimes in a Bag:
Lh680005 3 wire pilot burner plug
Close-up of 3-wire Pilot Burner Plug.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 7 in