HN51KB024 Bryant Carrier Air Conditioner Contactor

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The Bryant Carrier air conditioner contactor part number HN51KB024 is a single pole 25 amp contactor. The HN51KB024 contactor is a brand new genuine Bryant Carrier OEM contactor which comes in a Factory Authorized Parts box. Same Business Day Fast Shipping!


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hn51kb024 contactor

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  • The HN51KB024 Bryant Carrier Air Conditioner Contactor is a single-pole 25 amp contactor.
  • The HN51KB024 contactor is a brand new genuine Bryant Carrier OEM contactor that comes in a Factory Authorized Parts box.
  • The HN51KB024 contactor is a real popular single-pole, 24-volt coil, contactor that is used on many Bryant, Carrier air conditioning units.
  • Please send us your Bryant or Carrier’s air conditioner or heat pump’s product number if you would like for us to use our parts program to look up parts or answer any questions. Our email address is
  • We would love to help you out and have your business!
  • We have a YouTube video that shows how to replace an air conditioner contactor on the following page: Please click here to watch the AC contactor replacement video. This video was made by Fix My Own Thanks to Fix My Own for making this informative video
  • The HN51KB024 contactor is recommended to replace the old outdated Honeywell contactor part numberDP1030A5014. Honeywell quit making the DP1030A5014 contactor. The low voltage wiring is different and in my response email below in the “FYI” section I tell how to make make the wiring changes from the Honeywell DP1030A5014 to the HN51KB024. Also, below we have an email from one of our customers who asked m

FYI: This is a question that has been asked by many of our customers when trying to change from the old Honeywell DP1030A5014 to the new HN51KB024.

Question from one of our customers: Hi, I want to purchase this HN51KB024 contactor, however, my contactor is an older one ( photo attached) and is slightly different. Can you direct me as to how the smaller wires would be connected to the terminals that are on opposite sides on the newer model? Thanks,  Jeff

Answer: I have had this question asked many times. Great question! I have been asked this question so many times that I need to make a post about this question as soon as possible. I had to replace my contactor on my Bryant unit with the HN51KB024 a couple of weeks ago and our unit had the older style Honeywell DP1030A5014 contactor installed in it like the old contactor you want to replace. The high voltage wiring would line up the same, but the low voltage wiring would be a little different. I try to explain in the pictures that I copied below. If you have any other questions please let me know.  I recommend making sure that you are getting a minimum of 24 volts AC to the contactor coil when your thermostat/AC system is calling for cooling.  If you are not getting at least 24 volts to the contactor coil then the contacts will chatter (vibrate) the contacts and burn the contactor up quickly. I hope this helps you out and I hope that you have a great day! Steve

old honeywell DP1030A5014 contactor replacement

wiring when replacing Honeywell DP1030A5014 contactor

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2 reviews for HN51KB024 Bryant Carrier Air Conditioner Contactor

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    Thank you for the lightning fast shipping and quality part! Installed and working perfectly. Thanks!

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    Hi! Steve, Thanks so much for the extraordinary support. You guys are great find and are a “Keeper” I’ll be sure to do more business with your company when I need parts in the future for related systems. Thanks again for your help. Regards, Jerry.

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