CNT05010 Trane American Standard Defrost Control Board


The CNT05010 heat pump defrost control board is a brand new Trane, American Standard OEM part that comes in a Trane Service First Factory box. This defrost control board is used on many American Standard & Trane heat pumps. This defrost control board will be shipped the next business day. Same business day shipping if you order before 9 AM. Eastern Time.

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This Defrost Control Board will ship Next Business Day. Same Business Day Shipping if you order before 9 AM. Eastern Time.

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CNT05010 Trane American Standard Defrost Control Board

  • This is a Brand New CNT05010 Trane American Standard Defrost Control Board.
  • This defrost control board should make an easy replacement install since it is an OEM part.
  • The Trane/American Standard Part number is CNT05010 (also part number: 21C140501G54).
  • This defrost control board replaces part numbers: CNT5010 and CNT05010.
  • Please email us any time if you have questions or if you would like for us to find out if this is the correct defrost control for your heat pump unit. Please send us your unit’s model number if you would like for us to look up parts. Our email address is:
  • We would love to help you out and have your business!
  • Below we have a partial list of heat pump models where this defrost control is used in:

2A6B3060A1000BA 2TWB3060A1000BA 2TWB3060A1000CA 4A6B4036E1000AA 4A6B4036E1000AB 4A6B4036E1000BA 4A6H5036E1000AA 4A6H5036E1000AB 4A6H5036E1000AC 4A6H5036E1000BA 4A6H6024E1000AA 4A6H6024E1000BA 4A6H6024G1000AA 4A6H6024G1000BB 4A6H6036E1000AA 4A6H6036E1000BA 4A6H6036G1000AA 4A6H7024A1000AA 4A6H7036A1000AA 4TWA3030A3000CA 4TWA3030A4000CA 4TWA3036A3000CA 4TWA3036A4000CA 4TWA3042A3000CA 4TWA3042A4000CA 4TWA3048A3000CA 4TWA3048A4000CA 4TWA3060A3000CA 4TWA3060A4000CA 4TWB4036E1000AA 4TWB4036E1000AB 4TWB4036E1000BA 4TWB4060E1000AA 4TWB4060E1000AB 4TWR5036E1000AA 4TWR5036E1000AB 4TWR5036E1000AC 4TWR5036E1000BA 4TWR6024A1000AA 4TWR6024A1000BB 4TWR6036A1000AB 4TWR6036A1000BA 4TWR7024A1000AA 4TWR7036A1000AA 4TWX4030B1000AA 4TWX4036B1000AA 4TWX4042B1000AA 4TWX4048B1000AA 4TWX4060B1000AA 4TWX6024E1000AA 4TWX6024E1000BA 4TWX6024G1000AA 4TWX6024G1000BB 4TWX6036E1000AA 4TWX6036E1000BA 4TWX6036G1000AA 4TWX8024A1000AA 4TWX8036A1000AA

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