Bryant Carrier Furnace Harness Adapter 327689-701

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The 327689-701 wiring harness adapter is use on many Bryant, Carrier and Payne gas furnaces. Same Business Day Fast Shipping!

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Purchase the 327689-701 Bryant Carrier Furnace Wiring Harness Adapter from Us and Save!

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  • The 327689-701 wiring harness adapter is use on the following Bryant, Carrier and Payne model furnaces:  313ABV036045AAJA, 313ABV036070AAJA, 313ABV042090AAJA, 313ABV048070AAJA, 313ABV048090AAJA, 313ABV060110AAJA, 313ABV060135AAJA, 313JBV036045AAJA, 313JBV036070AAJA, 313JBV042090AAJA, 313JBV048070AAJA, 313JBV048090AAJA, 313JBV060110AAJA, 313JBV060135AAJA, 314AAV036045ABJA, 314AAV048070ABJA, 314AAV048090ABJA, 314AAV066110ABJA, 314AAV066135ABJA, 314JAV036045ABJA, 314JAV048070ABJA, 314JAV048090ABJA, 314JAV066110ABJA, 314JAV066135ABJA, 58CTW045—11112, 58CTW070—11116, 58CTW090—11116, 58CTW110—11122, 58CTW135—11122, 58CTY045—11112, 58CTY070—11116, 58CTY090—11116, 58CTY110—11122, 58CTY135—11122, 58DLA045E10108, 58DLA045E10112, 58DLA070E10108, 58DLA070E10112, 58DLA070E10116, 58DLA090E10114, 58DLA090E10116, 58DLA090E10120, 58DLA155E10120, 58PHB045—10112, 58PHB070—10112, 58PHB070—10116, 58PHB090—10114, 58PHB090—10116, 58PHB110—10120, 58PHB135—10120, 58PHY045—10112, 58PHY070—10112, 58PHY070—10116, 58PHY090—10114, 58PHY090—10116, 58PHY110—10120, 58PHY135—10120, PG8JEB036045AAJA, PG8JEB036070AAJA, PG8JEB042090AAJA, PG8JEB048070AAJA, PG8JEB048090AAJA, PG8JEB060110AAJA, PG8JEB060135AAJA, PG8JVA036070AAJA, PG8JVA048090AAJA, PG8JVA060110AAJA, PG8JVA066135AAJA, PG8JVB036045AAJA, PG8JVB048070AAJA, PG8JVB048090AAJA, PG8JVB066110AAJA, PG8JVB066135AAJA, PG8MVA036070AAJA, PG8MVA048090AAJA, PG8MVA060110AAJA, PG8MVA066135AAJA
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