B13400312S Goodman Air Handler Blower Motor


Goodman OEM 1/3 HP Air Handler Fan Blower Motor #B13400312S. This Air Handler Blower Motor will be Shipped the Next Business Day. Same Day Shipping if you order before 9 AM. Eastern Time.

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Purchase the B13400312S Goodman, Janitrol Air Handler Blower Motor from Us and Save!

This Air Handler Blower Motor will be Shipped the Next Business Day. Same Day Shipping if you order before 9 AM. Eastern Time.

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  • The B13400312S Goodman Air Handler Blower Motor is used on many Goodman, Janitrol air handler models.
  • The specifications for this motor are:
    • Goodman part number: B13400312S,
    • 7.5 Mfd 370 V Capacitor (included with motor)
    • GE # 5KCP39GGP993AS
    • Diameter: 5.6″ – 208/230 Volt – 2.3 Amp –
    • Horse Power: 1/3 – RPM: 1,075 –
    • 2-Speed – CW Rotation –
    • Shaft: 1/2 x 3.92″ – Shaft End Closed
    • Johnstone part # S89-592
  • Please see the list of air handler models where this motor is used below.
  • If you would like, please send us your furnace model number and we will be glad to look it up and tell you which motor your furnace takes: Our email address is: arnoldservice@gmail.com
  • We would love to help you out and have your business!
B13400312S Goodman Air Handler Blower Motor
B13400312S Goodman Air Handler Motor

Below is a list of air handler model numbers where this motor is used:

A30-05 A30-08 A30-08C A30-10 A30-10C A30-15 A32-03 A32-05 A32-05C A32-08 A32-08C A32-10 A32-15 A36-05 A36-05C A36-06 A36-08 A36-08C A36-10 A36-10C A36-15 A36-20 AR30-1 AR30-1* AR30-1D AR32-1 AR32-1* AR32-1D AR36-1 AR36-1* ARPF036-00B-1 ARPF036-00B-1* ARPF036-00B-1A ARPT032-00A-1 ARPT032-00C-1 ARPT032-00C-1A ARPT036-00A-1 ARPT036-00C-1 ARPT036-00C-1A ARUF030-00A-1 ARUF030-00A-1* ARUF030-00A-1A ARUF032-00A-1 ARUF032-00A-1* ARUF032-00A-1A ARUF036-00A-1 ARUF036-00A-1* ARUF036-00A-1A AW30-05C AW30-08C AW30-10C PC030-1 PC036-1 PC036-1A PC036-3 PC036-3A PC042-1 PC042-1A PC042-3 PC042-3A PCJ030-1 PCJ036-1A PCJ042-1 PCK030-1 PCK036-1 PCK036-3 PCK042-1 PCK042-1A PCK042-1C PCK042-1F PCK042-3 PCKJ030-1 PCKJ030-1* PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A* PCKJ036-1E PCKJ036-1F PCKJ036-1G PCKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D* PCKJ042-1E PCKJ042-1F PG030075-1 PG030075-1A PG030100-1 PG030100-1A PG036075-1 PG036075-1A PG036075-3 PG036075-3A PG036100-1 PG036100-1A PG036100-3 PG036100-3A PG042100-1 PG042100-1A PG042100-3 PG042125-1 PG042125-1A PG042125-3 PGB030050-1 PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1B PGB030075-1 PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1B PGB030100-1 PGB030100-1A PGB030100-1B PGB036050-1 PGB036050-1A PGB036050-1B PGB036075-1 PGB036075-1A PGB036075-1B PGB036075-3 PGB036075-3A PGB036075-3B PGB036075-3C PGB036100-1 PGB036100-1A PGB036100-1B PGH036075-1 PGH036100-1 PGX030040-1 PGX030040-1A PGX036050-1 PGX036050-1A PGX036050-3 PGX036050-3A PGX036075-1 PGX036075-1A PGX042075-1 PGX042075-1A PH030-1D PH036-1D PH036-3A PH042-1 PHB030-1 PHB036-1 PHB036-3 PHJ030-1 PHJ030-1A PHJ036-1 PHJ036-1A PHJ036-1D PHJ048-1 PHK030-1 PHK036-1 PHK036-1A PHK036-1B PHK036-1F PHK036-3 PHK036-3A PHK036-3B PHK036-3F PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1* PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A* PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1F PHKJ042-1 PHKJ042-1C PHKJ042-1F BMA30F00A P1232303C BMA30F07A P1232304C P1232310C BMA30F70A BMA36F00A P1232305C BMA36F10A P1232306C PCKJ036-1 PCKJ042-1 PCKJ042-1A XBM30A P1243402C XBM36A P1243403C

Additional information

Weight 14.0 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 13 in


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