Aprilaire 413 Filter for Aprilaire 2410 and 4400 Pack of 4


We sell brand new, genuine Aprilaire Model No. 413  filters in a four-pack with a special price of $150.00 for 4 filters. That is just $37.50 a filter! We sell the Aprilaire 413 filters for the Aprilaire air cleaner models: Aprilaire 1410, Aprilaire 1610, Aprilaire 2140, Aprilaire 2400, Aprilaire 2410, Aprilaire 2416, Aprilaire 3410 and the Aprilaire 4400. The Aprilaire 2140 and 2400 require the 1413 filter upgrade kit. *Same Business Day Fast Shipping! In Stock and Ready to Ship!  We Would Love to Have Your Business! Please email us anytime if you have a question at We Would Love to Help You Out and Earn Your Business!

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Purchase the Aprilaire 413 Filters Pack of 4 from Us and Save!

*Same Business Day Fast Shipping! In Stock and Ready to Ship!

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The Aprilaire 2410 & 4400 Filter Media Replacement, also known as the Aprilaire 413 Filter, is used in the Spacegard Aprilaire 2410, Spacegard Aprilaire 3310, and Spacegard Aprilaire 4400 air cleaner models. The Aprilaire 413 filter has a MERV 13 rating, which allows it to capture pollen and mold spores (up to 90%), dust (up to 90%), fungi, pet dander, and other airborne allergens in your air. This filter for the Aprilaire 2410 air cleaner is an upgrade over Aprilaire MERV 10 filters because this MERV 13 filter also captures bacteria and virus-carrying particles (75%). Aprilaire recommends replacing this Aprilaire 401 air filter at least once a year for the best results. This filter media replacement for Aprilaire model 4400 features Aprilaire’s patented SelfSeal to ensure a proper seal and easy installation. Here are the Aprilaire 413 Filter Media Replacement specifications:

  • MERV 13 rating
  • SelfSeal technology
  • Replace the filter at least once per year
  • MERV Rating: MERV 13 (@ 1200 CFM)
  • Dimensions: 16 inches x 27 inches x 4 inches
  • Reduces pollen, mold spores, dust, fungi, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses
  • Please email us anytime if you have any questions:

aprilaire 413 filteraprilaire 413 filter

aprilaire 413 filter

aprilaire 413 filter

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