318518-762 Bryant Carrier Humidifier Water Panel 2 Pack


We sell the Bryant Carrier 318518-762 in a 2-Pack Special price of only $44.00 for two. That is only $22 each! *Same Business Day Fast Shipping!


Purchase the 318518-762 Bryant Carrier Humidifier Water Panel 2 Pack from Us and Save!

*Same Business Day Fast Shipping!

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We sell the 318518-762 Bryant Carrier Humidifier Water Panel 2 Pack for a special price of $44.00. That is only $22 each!

The Bryant/Carrier 318518-762 is compatible with the following Bryant, Carrier, Totaline, Day & Night, Payne humidifier models:

  • 49BG
  • 49SBG
  • 912E
  • HUMBBSBP2017
  • HUMCCSBP2017
  • P110-SBP2017A
  • Replaces old part numbers: 88NH1011C101 and 49BG204875
  • The Dimensions of the 318518-762 Water Panel are approximately: 10 1/2″ Wide X 11 1/4″ Tall X 1 3/4″ Thick
  • The 318518-762 Bryant Carrier Humidifier Water Panel 2 Pack includes an integral aluminum frame and felt wick on top for even distribution of water through the media. The filter is constructed using an expanded aluminum mesh pad covered with a special clay-like coating that absorbs water and removes mineral deposits. The process of humidification begins when water flows through a humidifier valve and soaks the filter. Hot, dry air from the furnace or fan coil passes through the filter and absorbs the water. The moist air is then distributed through the home via the forced-air duct system.
  • It is recommended you replace your whole house humidifier filter at least once per heating season. Areas with hard water may require two changes per season to ensure peak performance.
  • Please send us your humidifer’s model number if you would like for us to use our Bryant, Carrier, Payne, Day Night program to look up parts and see what the recommended humidifier water panel or part is for your humidifier. Our email address is: Support@arnoldservice.com
  • We would Love to help you out and have Your Business!

318518-762 Bryant Carrier Humidifier Water Panel 2 Pack

Additional information

Weight4.0 lbs
Dimensions14 x 12 x 7 in

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