10735201 Amana Furnace Flame Sensor


The Amana furnace flame sensor part number 10735201 is a brand new Amana OEM factory part. The 10735201 flame sensor is found on many Amana, Janitrol & Goodman furnaces with model numbers: GUIA090A30, GUD115X50B and GUC070X30B.


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  • The 10735201 Amana Furnace Flame Sensor is a brand new Amana OEM factory part.
  • The 10735201 flame sensor is found on many Amana, Janitrol & Goodman furnaces with model numbers: GUIA090A30, GUD115X50B and GUC070X30B.
  • We have a comprehensive list of furnace models where this flame sensor is used below.
  • The 10735201 furnace flame sensor is a Genuine Amana OEM furnace part.
  • FYI: The most common problem that we see when a flames sensor is not working properly is: The furnace main gas burners ignite, the main gas burners stay on for only 8 to 10 seconds, then the burners shut right back off. We have a gas furnace flame sensor troubleshooting page. Please click here if you would like to see our gas furnace flame sensor troubleshooting page
  • Please email us anytime with your furnace’s model number if you would like for us to check and make sure this is the right flame sensor for your furnace. Our email address is: arnoldservice@gmail.com
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10735201 Amana Furnace Flame Sensor

Below is a list of Amana furnace models where the 10735201 Amana Furnace Flame Sensor is used:

GCCA045AX30, GCCA045BX30, GCCA045CX30, GCCA070AX30, GCCA070AX40, GCCA070BX30, GCCA070BX40, GCCA070CX30, GCCA070CX40, GCCA090AX40, GCCA090AX50, GCCA090BX40, GCCA090BX50, GCCA090CX40, GCCA090CX50, GCCA115AX50, GCCA115BX50, GCCA115CX50, GCD070X30B, GCD090X40B, GCIA045A30, GCIA045CX30, GCIA070A30, GCIA070A40, GCIA070CX30, GCIA070CX40, GCIA090A30, GCIA090A50, GCIA090CX30, GCIA090CX50, GCIA115A40, GCIA115A50, GCIA115CX40, GCIA115CX50, GCIA140A50, GCIA140CX50, GCIC045CX30, GCIC045DX30, GCIC045FX30, GCIC070CX30, GCIC070CX40, GCIC070DX30, GCIC070DX40, GCIC070FX30, GCIC070FX40, GCIC090CX30, GCIC090CX50, GCIC090DX30, GCIC090DX50, GCIC090FX30, GCIC090FX50, GCIC115CX40, GCIC115CX50, GCIC115DX40, GCIC115DX50, GCIC115FX40, GCIC115FX50, GCIC140CX50, GCIC140DX50, GCIC140FX50, GCID070AX30, GCID090AX50, GCID115AX40, GCIS090CX50, GCLA070AX30, GCLA070CX30, GCLA090AX40, GCLA090CX40, GCLA115AX50, GCLA115CX50, GCVA070BX40, GCVA070CX40, GCVA090BX50, GCVA090CX50, GDC045X30B, GDC070X30B, GDC070X40B, GDC090X40B, GDC090X50B, GDC115X50B, GUC045X30B, GUC070X30B, GUC070X40B, GUC090X35B, GUC090X35BI, GUC090X50B, GUC115X50B, GUCA045AX30, GUCA045BX30, GUCA045CX30, GUCA070AX30, GUCA070AX40, GUCA070BX30, GUCA070BX40, GUCA070CX30, GUCA070CX40, GUCA090AX40, GUCA090AX50, GUCA090BX40, GUCA090BX50, GUCA090CX40, GUCA090CX50, GUCA115AX50, GUCA115BX50, GUCA115CX50, GUD045X30B, GUD070X30B, GUD070X40B, GUD090X35B, GUD090X50B, GUD115X50B, GUIA045A30, GUIA045B30, GUIA045CA30, GUIA070A30, GUIA070A40, GUIA070B30, GUIA070B40, GUIA070CA30, GUIA070CA40, GUIA090A30, GUIA090A50, GUIA090B30, GUIA090B50, GUIA090CA30, GUIA090CA50, GUIA115A40, GUIA115A50, GUIA115B40, GUIA115B50, GUIA115CA40, GUIA115CA50, GUIA140A50, GUIA140B50, GUIA140CA50, GUIC045CA30, GUIC045CX30, GUIC045DA30, GUIC045DX30, GUIC045EA30, GUIC045EX30, GUIC045FA30, GUIC045FX30, GUIC070CA30, GUIC070CA40, GUIC070CX30, GUIC070CX40, GUIC070DA30, GUIC070DA40, GUIC070DX30, GUIC070DX40, GUIC070EA30, GUIC070EA40, GUIC070EX30, GUIC070EX40, GUIC070FA30, GUIC070FA40, GUIC070FX30, GUIC070FX40, GUIC090CA30, GUIC090CA50, GUIC090CX30, GUIC090CX50, GUIC090DA30, GUIC090DA50, GUIC090DX30, GUIC090DX50, GUIC090EA30, GUIC090EA50, GUIC090EX30, GUIC090EX50, GUIC090FA30, GUIC090FA50, GUIC090FX30, GUIC090FX50, GUIC115CA40, GUIC115CA50, GUIC115CX40, GUIC115CX50, GUIC115DA40, GUIC115DA50, GUIC115DX40, GUIC115DX50, GUIC115EA40, GUIC115EA50, GUIC115EX40, GUIC115EX50, GUIC115FA40, GUIC115FA50, GUIC115FX40, GUIC115FX50, GUIC140CA50, GUIC140CX50, GUIC140DA50, GUIC140DX50, GUIC140EA50, GUIC140EX50, GUIC140FA50, GUIC140FX50, GUID045CA30, GUID045CX30, GUID045DA30, GUID045DX30, GUID045EA30, GUID045EX30, GUID045GA30, GUID070CA30, GUID070CA40, GUID070CX30, GUID070CX40, GUID070DA30, GUID070DA40, GUID070DX30, GUID070DX40, GUID070EA30, GUID070EA40, GUID070EX30, GUID070EX40, GUID070GA30, GUID070GA40, GUID090CA30, GUID090CA50, GUID090CX30, GUID090CX50, GUID090DA30, GUID090DA50, GUID090DX30, GUID090DX50, GUID090EA30, GUID090EA50, GUID090EX30, GUID090EX50, GUID090GA30, GUID090GA50, GUID115CA50, GUID115CX50, GUID115DA50, GUID115DX50, GUID115EA50, GUID115EX50, GUID115GA50, GUIE045EX30, GUIE070EX40, GUIE090EX40, GUIE090EX50, GUIE115EX50, GUIS070CA35, GUIS070CX35, GUIS070DA35, GUIS070FA35, GUIS070FX35, GUIS090CA30, GUIS090CA50, GUIS090CX30, GUIS090CX50, GUIS090FA30, GUIS090FA50, GUIS090FX30, GUIS090FX50, GUIS115CA50, GUIS115CX50, GUIS115FA50, GUIS115FX50, GUIS140CA50, GUIS140FA50, GUIV070CX40, GUIV070DX40, GUIV070FX40, GUIV090CX50, GUIV090DX50, GUIV090FX50, GUIV115CX50, GUIV115DX50, GUIV115FX50, GUIV140CX50, GUIV140DX50, GUIV140FX50, GULA045AX30, GULA045CX30, GULA070AX30, GULA070AX40, GULA070CX30, GULA070CX40, GULA090AX40, GULA090AX50, GULA090CX40, GULA090CX50, GULA115AX50, GULA115CX50, GUSA070BX35, GUSA070CX35, GUSA090BX40, GUSA090BX50, GUSA090CX40, GUSA090CX50, GUSA115BX50, GUSA115CX50, GUVA045AX30, GUVA045BX30, GUVA045CX30, GUVA070AX40, GUVA070BX40, GUVA070CX40, GUVA090AX50, GUVA090BX50, GUVA090CX50, GUVA115AX50, GUVA115BX50, GUVA115CX50, GUX045X30B, GUX070X30B, GUX070X30BI, GUX070X40B, GUX090X35B, GUX090X50B, GUX115X50B, P1177301F, P1177302F, P1177303F, P1177304F, P1177305F, P1177306F, P1177307F, P1177308F, P1177401F, P1177402F, P1177403F, P1177404F, P1177405F, P1177406F, P1177407F, P1177408F, P1206601F, P1206602F, P1206603F, P1206604F, P1206605F, P1206606F, P1206607F, P1206608F, P1207201F, P1207202F, P1207203F, P1207204F, P1207205F, P1207206F, P1207207F, P1207208F, P1207301F, P1207302F, P1207303F, P1207304F, P1207305F, P1207306F, P1207307F, P1207308F, P1207401F, P1207402F, P1207403F, P1207404F, P1207405F, P1207406F, P1207407F, P1207408F, P1207501F, P1207502F, P1207503F, P1207504F, P1207505F, P1207506F, P1207507F, P1207508F, P1207601F, P1207602F, P1207603F, P1207604F, P1207605F, P1207606F, P1207607F, P1207608F, P1207801F, P1207802F, P1207803F, P1207804F, P1207805F, P1207806F, P1208001F, P1208002F, P1208003F, P1208004F, P1208005F, P1208006F, P1208101F, P1208102F, P1208103F, P1208104F, P1208105F, P1208106F, P1208701F, P1208702F, P1208703F, 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Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 5 in


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