Fin Combs

We sell several different types of air conditioner fin comb tools. I use these tools almost everyday to straighten bent fins on air conditioner outdoor condensing unit coils and indoor evaporator coils. Many of our customers purchase fin tools to repair their air conditioner fins after hale damage or children damage! By keeping your air conditioner or heat pump fins straight helps your air conditioner or heat pump run in top efficiency! Here are three reasons why we should try to keep our air conditioner fins straight: (1) I use this tool on outdoor condensing coils and indoor evaporator coils to straighten the fins back out so it does not reduce air flow through the condensing unit or evaporator. (2) Poor air flow would cause your outdoor unit to run high head pressure, thus decreasing the efficiency of your air conditioning system. (3) If you indoor evaporator coil is stopped up with dirt or bent fins then this would reduce air flow in your home and might cause the air conditioner to freeze up. and (4) Bent fins and dirt can also make your compressor run harder, use more electricity, not cool your home as well and possibly cause premature system failure. Please check out the fin comb straightening tools we sell below! We would love to help you out and Earn Your Business! Please email us anytime if you have questions. Our email address is:


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