Titan Pro Extended Life Capacitors

Let us help you troubleshoot and repair your air conditioner or heat pump! We sell long lasting Titan Pro Extended Life capacitors, low cost air conditioner and heat pump capacitors! The Titan Pro capacitors are said to last 83% longer than a standard capacitor! *Capacitors going out or becoming weak have been the leading, most constant problem for air conditioners and heat pump failures in our 28 year old HVAC business. We would recommend having an extra capacitor on hand in case your capacitor goes out on a hot summer’s night like mine did. Capacitor are used on air conditioners, heat pumps and blower motors. If your air conditioner, heat pump or blower motor does not work it is a good possibility that the capacitor might be weak or bad.  Please email us anytime if you have a troubleshooting question or need help in finding a part. Our email address is: support@arnoldservice.com Same Business Day Shipping! We would love to help you out and have your business!

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