Oval Run Capacitors

On these pages we sell many name brand air conditioner and heat pump oval run capacitors. Oval capacitors are found on many air conditioners and heat pump units.*Failing air conditioner capacitors are the leading cause of air conditioner and heat pump failures in our 28 year old HVAC business. We would recommend having an extra capacitor on hand in case your capacitor goes out on a hot summer’s night like mine did. My family and I were very thankful we had an extra capacitor on hand! I do not sleep well in a hot and sticky house! Capacitor are used on air conditioners, heat pumps and blower motors. If your air conditioner, heat pump or blower motor does not work it is a good possibility that the capacitor might be weak or bad.  Please email us anytime if you have a troubleshooting question or need help in finding a part. Our email address is: support@arnoldservice.com Same Business Day Shipping! Thank you so very much for the opportunity to do business with you!  We would Love to help You out and Earn your business!
Do It Yourself Resources: Please click here if your would like to see our capacitor troubleshooting page. This page has two YouTube Videos that explain capacitor troubleshooting and replacement. Please let us know if you have a capacitor that you would like to see us list. We would love to serve you and help you out!

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