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Problem: Will the pressure switch correct my water drainage problem?

Problem: Will the pressure switch correct my water drainage problem.  (HK06NB124) Carrier 9200 weathermaker.  Water stands in the condensate tube and cuts the unit off until I drain the tube.

Answer: No sir, the pressure switch will not correct your water drainage problem. I would suggest making sure your furnace drain is clean. When I was doing service I would disconnect the pressure switch tubing so it will not damage the pressure switch, then use a wet vac to vacumn out (suck) the drain line out. This should clear all the debris out. You might even need to take your condensate trap off and wash it out with a hose or a water bottle full of water. Please see the video below for detailed instructions. If the furnace does not drain properly it will cause the pressure switch to open the circuit and not allow your furnace to run. If you want me to look up parts I will need your furnace’s product number. The product number should be located inside the furnace near the burners. Our email address is

Below we have a video made by Buddyraccasac which shows how to unclog an AC drain using a wet vac. This is a similar to what I recommend with the furnace condensate drain. The condensate drain would be near the bottom sides of the furnace and you would need to make sure you disconnect your pressure switch tube so it will not damage the pressure switch when you use the wet vac. We would love to help you out and earn your business! 

Below is another really good YouTube video on cleaning condensate drains on condensing gas furnaces. If you are having pressure switch problems then many times cleaning the condensate drain on the furnace will solve pressure switch problems. Thanks so very much to AC Service Tech LLC for making this great instructional video!

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