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Problem: Why do I have to replace my furnace ignitor every two weeks?


I was lead your way and was told you could help.  
 I have a question. I have 2 units. On 1 of the units, the hot surface igniter keeps going bad. I replace it, and it will work for a couple weeks or so and go bad, I replace it and same thing. To check to make sure they are bad, I put the one I think is bad in unit that works and it does not ignite, I put the got igniter in the bad unit and it works. What could be causing the unit to keep burning out igniters? I am careful when installing it, making sure I don’t touch the igniter surface and making sure it doesn’t touch any other surface so it doesn’t get scratched or anything.  During the summer the a/c works with no problems.
Thank you in advance Glen

Hi Glen!
Sorry to hear that you are going through all the ignitors. That can get real expensive! Most of the time when ignitors go bad that often it is because the ignitor is not shutting off after the gas in the furnace is ignited. If the ignitor stays on for an extended period of time this will make the ignitor short-lived. Other problems that would cause ignitors to go out would be dirt or rust falling down on top of the ignitor especially when the ignitor is laying horizontal. Another problem would be if you have a Trane or American Standard furnace with an IGN00145 ignitor, which is an 80 volt ignitor and the control board is providing over 110 volts to the ignitor then you probably need a new control board. Too much voltage to an 80 volt ignitor will burn them out quickly. I hope you can get this problem solved. Most ignitors should last many years. I hope you have a blessed Holiday Season!
Steve Arnold,
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