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Problem: How do I remove my furnace control board without breaking the plastic pins that hold the board in place?


Problem: I am trying to replace the furnace control board on my Goodman furnace. How do I remove my furnace control board without breaking the plastic pins that hold the board in place? I tried needle nose pliers and my fingers, but I am afraid I am going to break the control board pins that hold the board in place. Do you have any recommendations?

Answer: A customer of ours Mr. Young, sent me this Youtube video (below) which shows how to easily remove a furnace control board using a Bic ink pen with the ink cartridge removed. I will be sure to keep an ink pen with the ink cartridge removed in my toolbox! Thanks to Total Air Supply Inc. for making this great video!

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9 thoughts on “Problem: How do I remove my furnace control board without breaking the plastic pins that hold the board in place?

  1. I’m pretty sure my problem is circuit board, on a nordy heat pump unit,when running the heat once the room temperature reaches what set at thermostat the unit will continue to run until its 80 degrees, cleaned and checked everything, took the circuit board off cleaned it inspected it it’s an older unit E1EH-012HA TO BE exact but there wasn’t no big signs that the board was burnt up,on oil nothing like that. There was in a few spots look like the brass or copper trails looked like they might have glitch in a few spots. So I hooked everything back up everything works go shuts off when its suppose to for about 3 cycles and then the same problem. Could the board cause that or something deeper in the unit? Thanks in advance sorry it’s so long

    1. Hi Michael! The circuit board could cause this problem, but it sounds like to be more of a thermostat problem since the unit is running longer than the desired set temperature and over-heating your home. I would check to make sure the batteries are good in your thermostat if your thermostat uses batteries and check with a voltmeter to see if the thermostat is suppling 24 volts to the contactor between the Y and C (com) terminals/thermostat wires Y and C after the set temperature on the thermostat is reached. If you disconnect the Y wire and the G wire from the thermostat and the heat quits coming out and the heat pump shuts off then I would say that you have a thermostat problem. If the heat stays on when you have the Y and G wires disconnected then I would think that you have a shorted thermostat wire problem or a control board problem. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Steve

  2. Fantastic. Thank you! Problem solved!

  3. I was told I needed a filter dryer part from my heat pump why would I need it

    1. Hi Paul! A filter drier would be needed to protect your compressor from damage if your service company opened up your refrigeration system to outside air or if you have moisture or dirt in your refrigeration system. The fiter drier removes dirt and moisture from your air conditioning refrigeration system so it does not harm the compressor. Steve

  4. Hello.ill check the out door unit does not run.i reset the circuit breaker and I’ll check capacitor .contactor and wiring.all is good contact.i ask. what is the problem. The out door unit

    1. Hi! You would need to troubleshoot using a volt meter to see where the problem is. We have lots of air conditioning and heat pump troubleshooting questions with answers and Youtube videos on the following page: We also have an air conditioning and heat pump troubleshooting simplified page that I hope this will help you find and fix the problem: I hope you have a great day! Steve

  5. Thanks Steve, cleaned the flame sensor and problem solved! Have a great day! My day is wonderful now that my family is nice and warm!!👍👍

    1. Fantastic! Great! Glad to hear that you cleaned your flame sensor and got your furnace working again! Thanks for letting me know the great news! Steve

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