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Problem: Noisy compressor heat pump in the winter time. Will a hard start booster help?

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Problem: Noisy compressor heat pump in the winter time. Will a hard start booster help?

Answer: FYI-Many compressor have a hard time starting in extreme hot conditions and after sitting dormant all winter long. I have used the hard start boosters many times to unlock and free up a stuck compressor, thus saving the homeowner the expense of new compressor or AC system.

Thanks so much for your interest in our website! The super boost can be used on either air conditioners or heat pump units. Most of the time I use the hard start boosters to help start a compressor that has become locked up, tight (tight piston) or one that works in a low voltage condition. If the noise is caused by the compressor having a hard time starting then yes, the hard start booster should help with the noise issue. If the noise is caused by noise inside the compressor such as a worn piston, piston rod or valves then the hard start booster will not help solve the noise problem. The compressor hard start booster is used to help the compressor start easier and after the compressor starts the booster does not help the compressor run. The run capacitor helps the compressor to run. I would suggest the least expensive hard start booster, the SPP6 and see if it will help. The SPP6 is the booster that I keep on our service truck all the time and has performed well over the years. I have seen the SPP6 save many a compressor and unit from the junk yardPlease click here if you are interested in the SPP6 Compressor Hard Start Booster we sell.  Please click here if you are interested in the SPP6E that we sell.  Please click here if you are interested in the SPP8E Compressor hard start booster we sell. Please make sure that your existing run capacitor/capacitors are up to specs. If you do not have a capacitor tester you might consider taking your capacitor to an appliance parts store and ask them to test it for you. Many appliance parts stores sell capacitors. Please click here if you are interested in the air conditioner and heat pump capacitors we sell. You would need to know the MFD or UF rating and the voltage rating. These specs should be found on the capacitor label. MFD and Uf mean the same thing. Some capacitors have “UF” on them and some have “MFD”.  A weak run capacitor can cause a compressor to have a hard time starting. Please make sure your indoor air handler coil is clean and the filter is clean, because this can cause high head pressure for your compressor if the coil, filter or if the blower is dirty or dragging. Please make sure your indoor motor capacitor is up to specs. You already know this I am sure, but the indoor coil becomes the condenser in the winter time and if it is not getting enough air flow it can cause damage to your outdoor compressor. Below we have a real good YouTube video that explains the use of hard start boosters and capacitors.  If you have any questions please feel free to email us at: or respond in the comments section near the bottom of this page. We hope you have a blessed day! Steve & Barbara Arnold

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  1. Clicked on the YouTube video link above and was advised that “This video does not exist”

    1. Thanks Mr. Fitzgerald for telling me about the Youtube not working. I replace it with a video that shows how to install a compressor hard start kit. I really appreciate you letting me know this. Steve

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