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Problem: No gas.. bad control board? Frazier Johnson heater

Problem: I have tried about everything. I have no gas. I unplugged the gas valve connector from the control board and plugged it back in.  The burners started working for 3-4seconds, then again after that back to nothing. The draft inducer comes on, the igniter comes on,  But no gas.. no valve noise no call to open gas valve. No volts at valve.. can u help its 25degrees n kansas. Thanks.

AnswerSorry to hear that you are having furnace trouble so early on a Sunday morning!  Yes, this does sound like a possible bad control board. I would suggest using a volt meter to make sure that all your safety controls are closed like the pressure switch, limit switch, rollout switches (if equipped). Please check all your wire connections and make sure the ground wire coming off the transformer and other wires are good and tight. If all your safety controls are closing and still no voltage to the gas valve then I would say that you probably have a bad gas valve relay on the control board. You might try lightly tapping on this gas valve control board relay with your finger to see if you can get the relay’s contacts to close and start working. We have a page that I hope will help you out. Here is the link: Please click here if you would like to see our Gas & Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Simplified Page. I believe that Frazier Johnson is similar to a York furnace. I could be wrong, but if you want me to look up parts I will be glad to look up parts if my York program can find your model number. Please email us anytime if you have questions. Our email address is: Hope you have a blessed day! Steve

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  1. I am in need oe the schematics for a 3 and a half ton unit. the unit is a 1995 make model number FAMP-F 036HA, cant find anything anywhere so hopefully you can help

    1. I am sorry Tommy, but we do have have any schematics for Frazier Johnson equipment. I do not have a parts program for Frazier Johnson either. I am sorry that I can not help you out.

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