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Problem: Will a compressor super boost help start my AC powered by a generator?

SPP6 hardstartbooster

Problem: My AC will not start when using my generator. Will a compressor super-boost help start my AC powered by a generator?

Answer: I have this question asked many times. I could not guarantee this would solve your problem, but I know a lot of people use them to help start an air conditioner when being powered by a generator. We have many people purchase the compressor hard start boosters to be used for this purpose. I would recommend the SPP6 that we sell if you want to try it out. Please click here if you are interested in the SPP6 Super Boost that we sell.

Below we have a real good Youtube Video that shows how to install the SPP6 on an RV air conditioner.  If you have any questions please email us anytime:

SPP6 hardstartbooster

4 thoughts on “Problem: Will a compressor super boost help start my AC powered by a generator?

  1. I’m trying to solve for 15k watt spike when elec furnace heat pump comes on, while on generator.

    After it starts, it only uses like 800 watts. My generator is only 12k so my hope is this device simply makes my heat pump start more slowly and I should avoid going over what my generator can handle.

    It’s a two ton Goodman heat pump, brand new install – this device looks so small?


    1. You could try a compressor hard start booster, SPP6 if your heat pump does not already have a hard start booster. I have this question asked many times and made a post with my recommendations on the following page: I hope you have a great and blessed week!

  2. Ok now here’s my problem, I opened everything up found my capacitor’s of which there are 2, 1 small black plastic one and the larger metal one on top the metal one is marked C, Fan, and Heuh then the other says motor on it! The red wire is connected to the Heuh terminal and there is a 4th pin to connect to, the C terminal has a couple of wires connected to it but no yellow wire?? The terminal that is labeled Fan has 4 wires already connected to all four pins ! Since there is no yellow wire and there is a red wire running from the Heuh terminal to the motor start capacitor and a white wire running from the fan terminal to the motor capacitor. Where would I hook up the 2nd wire of the Supco??

    1. Hi David! The Supco hard start capacitors are connected to the compressor run capacitor between the C (com) and Herm on the run capacitor. I do not know why you are referring to a yellow wire because the SPP6 compressor booster that we sell have black wires. It does not matter which black wire is attached to either C (com) or Herm. You should not have to change your present wiring any only hook the Supco up, one wire to Com and one wire to Herm. Steve

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