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Problem: My air conditioner heat pump is tripping the circuit breaker. Will a compressor hard start booster solve my problem?

Problem: I am troubleshooting my hvac problem and am wondering whether the super boost product may work for me? How do I know if the compressor is broken or simply stuck? As soon as I turn the unit on the fan runs, and perhaps the compressor but I cannot tell, for about 10 seconds then the breaker trips. I have replaced the capacitor already and it did not solve the problem. My contacts were dirty and I have cleaned them. Same problem appears.

Solution: Sorry to report, but most of the time when the compressor is tripping the breaker on start up it is caused by the compressor grounding out or the compressor is (stuck) locked up and you would need a new compressor. If the compressor is stuck or locked up the SPP6 compressor hard start booster that we sell on the following page might unlock the compressor. Click here to see the Supco SPP6 Super Compressor Hard Start Boost CapacitorThe only way to tell for sure if the compressor is stuck or grounding out causing the breaker to trip is with an amprobe type meter and an ohm meter. We have a picture of an amprobe meter that we sell below. Please click on the picture of the meter if you would like to see more details. The amprobe meter has jaws that open and wrap around one of your compressor wires. When you turn the power on to start your AC and if the meters jumps up to over 60 amps and holds until the breaker trips then it is a stuck compressor. Normal startup would be the amps would jump to around 60 or above for a split second then go back down to a normal RLA (running load amps) probably between 10 and 20 amps depending on the size of your unit. If you want to see if the compressor is grounding out you would need to turn the power off to the unit. Take of the compressor terminal cover, remove the three wires from the terminals, set your ohm meter to ohms and test from each terminal to ground (copper pipe on your unit). You meter should not show any resistance between each terminal to ground. If it does show resistance your compressor is grounding out and you need a new compressor or new unit. If the compressor is stuck or locked sometimes the SPP6 can unlock it. We sell the SPP6 compressor hard start booster on the following page: Please Click here: Supco SPP6 Super Compressor Hard Start Boost Capacitor.  If you have any questions please email us anytime. Our email address is:

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