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Problem: Copper pipe is breaking next to compressor on Goodman package unit?

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Problem: Three times now copper pipe is cracking , loosing brazing inside next to compressor. The unit is not even one year old. Two licensed companies cannot solve problem. Need help thank you.

Answer: I am not a Goodman dealer. I only sell some parts for Goodman equipment. Are your service people using silver solder to braze the copper? If they are using silver solder to braze… then this should be very hard to break. Also maybe one of the mounts that hold the internal compressor motor in place have broke. If a motor mount has broken inside the compressor, then this will cause lots of vibration when the compressor is running and can cause problems with line breaks like you are having. If the motor mount on the compressor is broken you will need a new compressor to solve the problem. The compressor should be under warranty since it isn’t even a year old. Sorry that I can not be of more help.

Steve Arnold,
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