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Problem: I continue to have problems with my furnace flame sensor not working?

Problem: Thank you once again for your help, I just had the same issue with my flame detector and cleaned it off, again, works great. Is there something I should be aware of that might be causing this to happen this frequently? I thought I could get more than a year in between repairs. Is this common with Goodman furnaces?

Answer: This can be a common problem in some furnaces if they are located in dusty, linty conditions like in a laundry room or basement. Dust and dirt that is in the air floats and sticks to the flame sensor rod and then insulates the rod from sensing the heat of the flame. Other areas to check would be ground wires. Please make sure all your wires are tight and that your furnace is grounded well through the (usually bare) copper ground wire. This problem can also be attributed to a control board problem if the control board is not sensing the micro voltage from the flame sensor. I hope you can easily find the problem. Steve Arnold,