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Problem: Compressor will not run

Problem: Compressor will not run. First, you turn off the power to the air conditioning system. Second you inspect your air conditioner’s wiring to make sure you do not have any burnt or loose wires. Third you check to see if your capacitor is swollen or not. If the capacitor is swollen it is a sure sign that you need a new capacitor and more than likely you have found the problem.  Some capacitors can still be weak and not be swollen. We sell capacitors on the following page: Please click here to go to our capacitors page. Please contact us anytime if you have a question. Our email address is:

If it isn’t a capacitor problem you could check your compressor terminals. There are three compressor terminals housed under a compressor terminal box. You would need to remove the compressor terminal cover and you might find that one or two of the compressor terminals have burned completely off. I have found this quiet often. Yes! that is why the compressor is not running! If the compressor terminals are in good shape you can test the compressor to see if the compressor windings are good or not by watching the YouTube video below made by Eddie Leverich. This video shows how to test a compressor. Thanks Mr. Leverich!

Solution: If your air conditioner’s terminals wires or terminals are burnt then you can usually repair the burnt terminals by purchasing the Term-Lok  Compressor terminal repair kit that we sell. Remove the old burnt terminal/terminals, and use the “Term-Lok” compressor terminal repair kit to replace the burnt terminals and wires. Please click here if you are interested in seeing the Term-Lok compressor terminal repair kit that we sell. We also sell another version of the Term-Lok repair kit called the QwikLug Compressor Terminal Repair kit on the following page: Please click here for the compressor terminal Quick Lug Terminal repair kit.  Below we have a YouTube video that was made by supertech35 that shows the installed term-lock repair kit: Thanks supertech35!

The “Term-Lok” compressor terminal repair kit is one of my favorite items to have on the truck during the summer time. The “Term-Lok” compressor terminal repair kit has saved many of my customers from having to purchase new compressors or air conditioning systems. I see many, many burnt compressor terminals during the course of the summer. Many contractors will tell their customers, “You need a new compressor or new air conditioning unit.” Most of the time this is not true! All you need to do is use the “Term-Lok” kit to repair the compressor terminals and you are back in business for a long, long time. Before I found out about the “Term Lok” compressor terminal repair kit I would try to solder the terminals on using a soldering gun. I found out the hard way that the solder would not hold but for a short period of time. Before long, I would get a call again, “My air conditioner is not working.” I would go look at the compressor terminals, and there again, one of the terminals or terminal was burnt completely off again. I could not believe it! Since I have started using the “Term-Lok” repair kit, I have not had one call back for burnt compressor terminals! This new Term-Lok compressor terminal repair kit is not cheap, but it is much better than having to get a new compressor or air conditioning system. This compressor terminal kit costs around $40.00. I figure the kit is so expensive because of the brass terminal connectors and the way they have permanently connected the #10 gauge wires. What I really like about this kit is that it lasts! No more burnt compressor terminals! The kit is called “Term-Lok” because it actually locks the wires to each compressor terminal. You use a small Allen key wrench to tighten or lock the solid brass terminals to the compressor terminal stubs. There is an Allen screw that can be placed in either the bottom or top of the brass terminal. This makes the installation easy. If there is 1/4 inch left on the compressor terminal studs, then you can use the terminal lock kit to fix your compressor. Be prepared for the hot summer and have a compressor “Term-Lok” terminal repair kit on hand. Please click here if you are interested in seeing the Term-Lok compressor terminal repair kit that we sell


We sell the QwikLug Compressor Terminal Repair Kit on the following page: Please click here for the compressor terminal Quick Lug Terminal repair kit . We also have a YouTube Video that shows this Kit installation. This video was produced by Mainstream Engineering. Thanks to Mainstream Engineering for making this informative video!

Quiklug compressor terminal repair kit

9 thoughts on “Problem: Compressor will not run

  1. My air conditioner on the roof won’t come on, the outdoor motor and compressor nothing happens but the inside motor comes on when I turn it to cool. I checked the cap and contactor both are ok I checked tstat and the wires both are good but when I push the contactor in by hand everything comes on. Should I try to reset ac or could it be the board itself

    1. Hi Rob! Sorry to hear that your AC is not working. You might try reading the following post and watching the video on the following page: This sounds like you are not getting 24 volts to the contactor coil to make it draw the contacts on the contactor down. I would start at the furnaces control board. You should be getting 24 volts to the control board between the Y and C (com) terminals when your thermostat is calling for your AC to be ON. If you are getting 24 volts between Y and C at the furnace control board (you should) then I would suggest tracing the two wires down out to your outdoor unit. Where you stop getting the 24 volts then this is where the problem is. I could be a time delay relay problem, a high or low pressure safety switch problem or if you have a heat pump it could be a defrost control board problem. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Steve

  2. my heater works but my air conditioner won’t work on my heat pump

    1. This sounds like your unit’s compressor is not working or is low on refrigerant charge. We have lots of air conditioning and heat pump troubleshooting questions with answers and Youtube videos on the following page: We also have an air conditioning and heat pump troubleshooting simplified page that I hope will help you find and fix the problem: I hope you have a great day! Steve

  3. I have power to my contactor on the outside unit but cant get it to close using thermostat controls. I cant find a fuse anywhere on my rheem classic heat pump or air handler. What is my next steps

    1. Hi!
      Please check and see if you are getting 24 volts to the coil on the contactor. If you are and the contactor is not closing then you have a bad coil on the contactor and you would need a new contactor. If you aren’t getting 24 volts to the contactor you might have a low pressure switch open (if equipped) a broken thermostat wire or a bad thermostat. Most air conditioners are wired directly from the thermostat to the contactor. The wires probably join at the control board, but it should be a direct circuit to the contactor from the thermostat. Most of the time this is a yellow wire. I hope you can easily find the problem.

  4. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for 24/7 ac

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and interest in our website! I hope you can find what you need to fix your air conditioner. Steve

  5. I will be happy to try and answer any questions you have. Thanks so much for your interest and support in our website! Hope you have a blessed day! Steve

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