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Look for simple easy solutions first when your air conditioner or heat pump will not work.

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We have been in HVAC service for over 30 years. We have found it best to ask our customers over the phone the following questions before we make a service call. These are simple, easy solutions to air conditioning problems that customers can check before calling for service. We have seen many times where customers have solved their own air conditioner or heat pump problem by finding one of these problems with their air conditioner or heat pump. These are some very easy, simple AC checks and solutions to problems almost everyone can do to save time and save from having an expensive service call. Before calling for service we would suggest that you: (1) Make sure the breaker which controls the air conditioner or heat pump has not tripped. Many times breakers will look OK when they actually are not. I would suggest resetting the air conditioner circuit breaker to make sure you are getting power to the unit. *Make sure you are not grounded when resetting breakers. Make sure you have shoes on and do not touch anything that would ground you out like the metal breaker box. Touch the plastic breaker handle only. (2) Make sure that you are getting power to the furnace or air handler. Most furnaces have a light switch on the side that may have been accidentally turned off. I know several of our customers who went without AC for days only to find out all they had to do is reset the switch on the side of the furnace! Most air handlers have breakers. We would suggest resetting the circuit breakers on air handlers. (3) Make sure that the furnace door is on tight. Many of the furnaces have door safety switches that turn off the furnace if the door is loose or removed. (4) If you have a condensate pump or secondary drain pan safety switch then make sure the safety switch on a condensate pump or pan over-flow switch has not caused the AC system to stop. Many times a slight movement (slight kick) to a stuck condensate pump will free the float safety switch, the condensate pump starts pumping and will allow the AC to start working again! Sometimes drains on secondary drain pans will stop up and cause flow safety switches to cut the system off to prevent flooding. If you have a condensate pump or float safety switch make sure the condensate pump is working and the secondary drain pan is not stopped up. (5) Inspect the thermostat wires going to the air conditioner or heat pump to make sure they are in good condition. Many times we have found thermostat wires that have been damaged by weed eaters or chewed through by pets or stray animals. Most of the time this requires replacing the thermostat wires. We hope these suggestions will help you save money and prevent unnecessary time without having air conditioning. If you have any questions will be glad to try and assist. Our email address is:  Steve & Barbara Arnold
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