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How Do I Use and Read a Refrigerant Gauge Set? How do I Check the AC Refrigerant Level?

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Question: We have many people ask us the questions: How do I use and read a refrigerant gauge set? How do I check the AC refrigerant level? What do all those numbers and different colors mean? How do I check to make sure I have the right amount of refrigerant in my air conditioner or heat pump system?

Answer: We have three really good Youtube Videos made by Word of Advice TV and AC Service Tech LLC that shows how to read a refrigerant gauge set and how to charge air conditioning systems that use both R410A and R22 refrigerants.  I hope this helps you understand how to read a gauge set. I hope these videos help you get your air conditioner or heat pump charged correctly. If you have any questions please email us anytime. Our email address is

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