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How do I tell if my gas furnace’s inducer motor is bad?


Problem: I turned my thermostat up to try and get my heat to come on and nothing happens! My furnace’s draft inducer will not start. After 30 seconds to a minute, I get a flash code on my control board that shows, “Pressure Switch Failed to Close”. How can I tell if my draft inducer is bad? How do I troubleshoot my gas furnace draft inducer?

Answer: We have this question asked quite often. The first component of the furnace that should start up after the thermostat is turned up to call for heat is the draft inducer. It might be necessary to tape your furnace’s safety door switch closed temporarily so you can test the furnace’s control board with a voltmeter. Test with a voltmeter on your furnace’s control board to make sure you are getting 24 to 28 volts AC between the W and C (com) thermostat wires that come from the thermostat. If you are not getting 24 volts between W and C (com) then you either have a thermostat problem, a thermostat wire problem, the thermostat might not be turned on for heating or turned up, you could have a low voltage transformer problem or a blown fuse on the control board. Make sure that the batteries in your thermostat are in good condition. If you are getting 24 volts between W and C (com) and the draft inducer is not coming on then please watch the following really good YouTube video made by AC Service Tech LLC. Craig Migliaccio on “How to tell if a draft inducer motor is bad”.  Please click here if you would like to see many air conditioning and heating videos made by AC Service Tech. I believe these are the best HVAC Repair Videos on the Internet! I hope this post will help you in finding and fixing your furnace problem! If you have any questions please comment below or email me, Steve Arnold at Thank you so much for your time and support with our website!  

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