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Honeywell Smart Valve Ignitor and Flame Sensor Troubleshooting

SV9501M2528 all

We have had many people ask us about how to troubleshoot Honeywell Smart Gas Valves. I found two really good YouTube videos made by ACServicetech that explain how to troubleshoot Honeywell Smart Valve gas valves and the different types of Honeywell Smart Gas Valves below. FYI: One of our customers said that his draft inducer would not start and it was the Honeywell Smart Valve that was causing the furnace’s draft inducer to not start. He replaced the Honeywell Smart Valve and the draft inducer started working properly again. It surprised me that the Honeywell Gas Valve caused his draft inducer to not start! I hope this YouTube video will help you to easily troubleshoot, find, and fix your furnace problems. We sell one Honeywell Smart Valve on the following page: Please Click here if you would like to see the Honeywell SV9500M2528 that we sell.  We sell the  Honeywell  Smart Valve complete pilot burner assembly on the following page: Please click here if you would like to see the Honeywell Smart Valve Complete Pilot Burner Assembly that we sell. Please email us, Stever or Barbara Arnold anytime if you have a question. Our email address is We would love to try and help you out and Earn Your Business!  We hope these videos will help:

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23 thoughts on “Honeywell Smart Valve Ignitor and Flame Sensor Troubleshooting

  1. I have a temp star unit four burner only one burner comes on pulled and cleaned burner tray replaced glo coil same problem can heat up flame rod sensor burner #4 will stay on then others will lite seems like gas valve or short cycle due to flame rod not seen any flame could it be bad gas valve

    1. Hi Frank! Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Honeywell Smart valve on your Tempstar furnace. Make sure that all ground wires and wire connections are good and tight. I would like to suggest that you turn your gas off and turn the power off to the furnace then make sure that your burner orifices are not partially stopped up. Sometimes the orifices will get dirty, partially stopped up with spider webs, dirt, etc. If they are not stopped up then you might try to adjust the gas valve pressure up a little, no more than 1/4 turn clockwise at a time to see if more gas pressure helps all the burners to stay lite. If all that fails and none of the suggestions in the YouTube videos work then you probably need a new gas valve. I hope you can find a problem without having to get a new gas valve. Steve

  2. I had a reply this morning from a person who was having trouble with his furnace as described in the following question to me. I thought it might be the Smart valve causing the problem but I was not for sure. Here is the question and problem: “Thanks Mr. Arnold, yeah I was getting the error with five led flashes…which in the book says that smart valve 11 limit is tripped..also the draft inducer doesn’t even attempt to start..only the main blower which runs constantly without even being hooked to a thermostat. I think you’re right about the smart valve…I was hoping it wasn’t though due to being the most expensive component. But with all limits and the board was doing the same…thanks for the help, Mr. Arnold. Cheers
    Today I received the following email confirming that the Smart Valve was causing the problem:
    “Hi Steve, sorry it took me so long to get back to you..but yes the new Honeywell smart valve did the trick. I pulled the old valve off..the circuitry was corroded and faulty..that was a tough one to track down …but all resolved now.”

  3. My heater has a honeywell smart valve system. When I turn on my heater everything starts just fine. The ignitor glows red, the pilot light ignites, and the burners turn on. But once my house reaches the set temperature (72 degrees) then the pilot and burners won’t reignite and the system just starts blowing cold air. How can I fix?

    1. Hi Mike! This sounds like maybe your furnace is going off on high limit. We have a post that discusses this problem on the following page: We have another post about this problem on the following page: I hope this helps you out. Steve

    2. What was the solution to this?

  4. I have a furnace equipped with honeywell smart valve. Every once a while like two weeks early in the morning. We smells gas through the vent. Need to open the window and clear the odd. We checked around and there is no gas leak when the furnace is on or off. All burners are cleaned. The heat exchange seems to be solid as well. Could this be caused by misfiring of the gas valve?

    1. Hi Bob! Yes, It could be caused by delayed ignition of the gas valve. I would like to suggest that you get a professional to look at that because gas smells are nothing to play with and this should be taken seriously. Thanks so much for asking this question. Steve

  5. I have a Comfortmaker furnace that is having challenges. It is having a hard time to keep running and heating the house. Occasionally it will kick on long enough to heat the house to it’s programmed temp of 68. However it’s progressively getting worse. Besides that symptom, it also has a lot of clicking sounds that don’t sound healthy from the Smart Valve (not your typical click to open the valve). I have replaced the igniter/heat rod and unfortunately that quick fix didn’t make a difference. Besides swapping out the Smart Valve (part is shipping in the next couple days), are there any other things I can check?

    1. Hi John! I do not know any more to check out other than what is covered in the post above. You might make sure if you have not already that all your wire connections are good and tight and make sure the batteries are good in your thermostat if you have batteries. Also, make sure you are getting a minimum of 24 volts between the R and C (com) terminals on your control board. Also, a minimum of 24 volts between W and C when the thermostat is calling for the heat to be ON. Low voltage, a weak transformer can cause the clicking problems you are referring to. I hope you can get your furnace fixed up and running great soon! Steve

  6. I have an interesting problem with an 05 tempstar 80% where it will start the inducer, light pilot (pilot flame seems a bit excessive but I could not dial it back anymore)Unit will not kick on the main burners & then proceeds to kick on the blower motor. I have replaced the ignitior & the smart valve and had no change in function. All limits & pressure switch test good. Call into tempstar tech support and he tells me try another igniter or another valve. Being at my local supply house the valves are $400 and the igniter 80$ and this being a 15 yr old furnace I struggle to do such a thing. It is a LP gas unit and the input pressure is at 10 in wc…..please any thoughts?! It kills me to not know what’s wrong!! Btw it was a SV9641m4510 valve I used to replace the original with. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Kyle! I am very sorry that I do not know what the problem might be. I have a few thoughts on things you could check. You say the pilot is excessive. Make sure that you have an LP pilot orifice in the pilot burner assembly. Make sure all ground wires and wire connections are good and tight. You might try to purchase an OEM flame rod if the new flame rod that you purchased was not OEM part. Maybe there is a furnace control board problem. Sorry, I really do not know enough about the Honeywell Smartvalves to comment. Here is a link to a really good YouTube video on Honeywell Smart Valve troubleshooting made by Gray Furnace Man:–CMYXrxPs I hope this helps you out. If you would like me to look up OEM parts then please send your furnace’s model number and manufacturer’s number to our email address: and I will be glad to find any part numbers you would like for me to look up. Sorry that I can not be of much help. Please let me know when you find the problem so it will help others. Thanks! Steve

  7. Good afternoon, I’m having the same issue pilot lights but no burners I checked from the flame sensor to the ignitor blue wire and I’m getting no continuity. Does this sound like the flame sensor or smart valve ? Thank you

    1. Hi Roy! I really do not know how to troubleshoot the Honeywell Smartvalves, but most of the time the trouble is in the Smart valve. You might try different positions with the plastic plug that plugs into the top of the valve and see if you can hold the plug in a certain position, then see if the valve works. Most of the time the Smart valve has solder connections in the top of the valve that come loose. Some HVAC techs have used match sticks to position the plug in the right position to make the valve work until they install a new valve. I am sorry that I can not be of much help. Steve

  8. I have a problem with my furnace. I can not get the furnace to get lit. I changed the igniter but still not doing anything. What is the chance it the Honeywell Smart Valve ?


    1. Hi Mary! There is a real good chance that it is the Smart Valve that is at fault. I would like to suggest that you try holding the 3 wire plug (I believe it is 3 wires) in different positions that is on top of the gas valve. Sometimes if you hold the plug in the right position the ignitor and gas valve will work. Sounds like you need a new gas valve if all the safety controls are closed like the limit, rollouts and pressure switch. Make sure all your safety controls are closed. I hope that you can find and fix the problem soon! Steve

  9. I am having an issue with my take that has a NG Smart Valve, SV9501M-5109 and runs my radiant floor. the system fires up and burns for about 10 sec and then goes out, rinse and repeat. There is a powered exhaust fan that is woking. I replaced the burner setup soup to nuts with no success. The flame does not seem to be “focused” (excuse my ignorance as I am a microbiologist not an engineer. I am wondering if the valve has gone bad. Any and all help is appreciated.

    1. Hi Walter! I really have no idea what the problem could be. If you have already replaced the pilot burner assembly and flame rod assembly and the valve still does not work then it very well could be the SmartValve at fault. If the pilot flame is not focused on the flame sensor of the flame rod assembly then you might need to clean the orifice in the pilot assembly or try to adjust the pilot up more if the gas valve has an option to adjust the pilot up more so it burns higher. I am sorry that I can not give you a definite answer. It is hard to troubleshoot these Honeywell SmartValves as you know. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. If you find a solution please let me know.

  10. I have a heil furnace the exhaust motor runs the ignitor lights the pilot light but the burners do not light pilot light sways right left its blue burner does not come on getting gas thanks have a blessed day any help would be great thank you

    1. Hi Rick! If all your burners are not lighting then I would like to suggest that you turn off the gas and power to your furnace and clean the burners out with compressed air. If the burners are rusty then you a wire brush to clean away the rust. You might want to take the burner orifices out and make sure they are not stopped up with debris or spider webs. If none of this works you might need to adjust the gas pressure up on your gas valve so that all burners ignite. Gas pressure adjustments should really be done by a professional. I am sure there are lots of Youtube videos on how to adjust gas pressure on the web. I hope you can get the problem fixed soon! Steve

      1. thanks steve what I meant to say is exhaust blower comes on ignitor comes on pilot lights no burner lights then the ignitor comes on and repeats but does not fire

      2. Hi Rick! More than likely you will probably need a new Honeywell Smart gas valve. I would suggest that you try to hold the plug that goes into the top of the valve in different positions and see if you can get it to light. I have heard that some contractors have uses a broken match stick to hold the plastic plugin in a certain position to get the valve to work. A new gas valve seems to be what your problem is pointing to. I hope you can get it fixed soon! Steve

  11. Excellent video thanks!!

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