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Fuse on my control board blows constantly. How do I find a Low Voltage Short?

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We have many customers ask how to find a low voltage short when the low voltage transformer is burning up or the fuse on the control board constantly blows? Most of the time I have found that shorts occur in the thermostat wires that go out to the outdoor condensing unit. Wear and tear of sun light, animals or weed eaters usually cause these shorts. I would suggest inspecting the thermostat wires for cracks, wear and tear. Pay close attention to where the thermostat wires go through the body of the furnace or air conditioning unit. Many times the thermostat wires will short out against the body of the furnace or air conditioner. I found this real good Youtube video on how to find low voltage shorts by ACservicetech. I hope this great Youtube Video will help you out in finding where the short is located. Thanks so much to ACservicetech for making this great video! If you have any questions please email us anytime:

2 thoughts on “Fuse on my control board blows constantly. How do I find a Low Voltage Short?

  1. My condenser keeps shorting out low voltage wires. Yesterday I ran voltage test back n forth and found that I wasn’t getting 24 volts at the contactor but the air handler was sending it. So I just used an extra wire and swapped it on both ends. Condenser Cut right on. 6 hours later , the same thing. So I repeated the same process and used an extra thermostat wire and it fired right up again. Any thought on why it’s doing this ?

    1. Hi Daniel! I have never heard of new low voltage wires shorting out that soon unless you have a loose connection or a short to ground somewhere else in your system. I am sorry that I can not give you any advice other than check all your connections to make sure they are good and tight and you do not have any shorted thermostat wire anywhere. I hope you can find the problem soon! Steve

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