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Furnace Control Board (Video)


We hope these videos will help you diagnose and repair problems with your furnace control board.  Please email us or comment below if you have any questions:  If you would like us to look up a furnace control board part number for you…then please send us your furnace’s model number. The furnace model number is usually located inside the furnace near the burners. On Bryant Carrier furnaces we would need the product number. On Rheem and Ruud we would need both the model number and serial number. On York, Goodman and Amana furnaces all we need is the model number. Please click here if you would like to see the furnace Control boards that we sell. We would love to help you out and have your business!

The first YouTube Video was made by Grayfurnaceman. This video shows how to troubleshoot the circuit board on a gas furnace. Thanks to Grayfurnace man for making this informative video!

The next YouTube video made by Air1Supply shows how to change out a Bryant, Carrier CESO110057-02 control board. Many thanks to Air1Supply for making this informative video!

5 thoughts on “Furnace Control Board (Video)

  1. hi steve one last thing before I start ordering parts 90 percent heil furnace flow chart voltage to furn yes ground yes24 volts to cand w yes jump r and w yes inducer on yes presure switch closed yes ignitor on yes flame on is that pilot or burners pilot is on burners will not come on blower comes on not burners any thoughts its propane if that helps and I do have full propane tank . thanks andGod bless

    1. Hi Rick! Sounds like it could be either a control board or a gas valve problem. Please make sure if you haven’t already that all your wire connections and grounds are good and tight. Make sure that all your safety controls are closed like the limit and any rollout switches. If it turns out to be a gas valve problem I would suggest that you have an experienced HVAC tech install and set the pressure on the LP gas valve. It can be tricky to get these gas valve set right for proper ignition. You will need a gas pressure gauge to get the pressure set right on the gas valve. I hope you can find a simple inexpensive solution. Sorry that I can not be of much help. Steve

  2. Well, rollout switches, limit switch, and pressure switch all check out, doing what they’re supposed to (rollout switches are closed, limit switch is closed, pressure switch closes after inducer motor runs). I’ve replaced ignitor/sensor assembly. Thermostat calls for heat, inducer motor runs, but ignitor doesn’t heat, and so gas does not flow. What next ?

    Mark Claussen

    1. Hi Mark! I would like to suggest that you test and see if 110 volts are going to the ignitor when the ignitor is supposed to be glowing. Try to test with the ignitor hooked up to the control board. If you are not getting voltage to the ignitor then more than likely you have a bad control board since you tested all the safety controls and they are closed. If you would like for me to look up parts then please send me your furnace’s make and model number and I will try to help you out. Please send it to our email address. I hope you can find and fix the problem soon! Steve

      1. Thanks, Steve. I’ll look into the voltage going to the ignitor.


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