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My furnace / air conditioner cooling coil under my house is causing water to puddle up on the ground. What will cause this to happen and what do I need to do to fix it?

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Water under the cooling coil can be caused by several things. (1) Most of the time it is caused by a stopped-up condensate drain line and you should be able to blow compressed air through the line or take a wet vac and suck on the end of the condensate line to clear the clog. In severe cases sometimes the condensate line has to be cut with a saw or PVC cutter to remove the clog. I have also had to remove the evaporator coil covers to get to the coil drain pan and drain pan opening in order to clean the coil drain pan and condensate drain opening with a wet vac to get the coil drain unstopped and clean the coil drain pan while I have the evaporator coil open. I would suggest testing the coil drain pan with water by pouring water into the coil drain pan with a cup or bottle to make sure the drain is open before closing the evaporator coil back up.  (2) Sometimes coil drain pans develop holes and you would need to repair the leak in the pan by using epoxy of silicone caulk. I would try to make sure the condensate drain line is open before checking to see if the evaporator coil drain pan is leaking. If the condensate drain line is open and you are not getting any water or not much water out of the condensate drain then more than likely you have a hole in the condensate drain pan. I have tried to repair the pans before with epoxy and silicone, but most of the time this fix will only last one or two years. If you have a leak in the evaporator coil drain pan I would recommend replacing the entire coil. Repairing the drain pan can be time-consuming and like I said usually does not last long because the coil pan has probably deteriorated in other places. Most of the time the entire evaporator coil has to be removed to do the repair. I some cases I had my sheet metal man make new coil pans, but removing the old coil with all the movements, screwing on a new coil pan, and heating the refrigeration lines to reinstall the coil after the new pan has been installed can cause refrigerant leaks. In my opinion, after many years it is best to get a whole new evaporator coil and be done with it. (3) water on the floor around an evaporator coil or furnace can also be caused by a system being low on refrigeration charge and freezing up because of being low on charge or having poor airflow. Most of the time if a coil freezes up it is caused by a low charge, but I have seen cases where a dirty filter, dirty evaporator coil, or slow blower motor (might need a new motor capacitor) have caused evaporator coils to freeze up melt and cause water on the floor. If your coil is freezing up I would suggest checking anything and everything that could cause poor airflow across the coil and if everything is clean call a service tech to check the refrigeration charge in your air conditioning or heat pump system. I hope I have given you some things to look for if you find water on the floor around the furnace or under the air conditioner air handler. If you have any other questions please ask anytime. Our email address is: arnoldservice@gmail.comYou Can Search Our Site for More Troubleshooting Problems with Answers, Heating, Air Conditioning Parts and Supplies in the Google Search Box Below:

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