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Air Conditioner Troubleshooting (Video)


I hope these two videos will help you diagnose and repair problems with your air conditioner or heat pump unit. These are basic repair videos and that tell you what to look for if your AC is not working. When I was doing repairs many of the simple questions that we would ask before going to a customer’s home are: (1) Is your breaker tripped? (2) Is the power switch on the side of your furnace in the on position? (3) If you have a condensate pump is the pump full of water? If the pump is full of water we would ask our customers to shake the pump a little to try and get the pump float to release so the pump might start to pump water again. Many of the condensate pumps have safety switches and if the pump float is stuck the safety switch will not allow the AC to run. The most common problem that I found when air conditioners or heat pumps stop working would be a bad run capacitor. If you need a new capacitor Please click here we sell over 80 different capacitors.  Contactors having bugs stuck between the contacts, burnt or pitted contacts was another major cause of air conditioners not working. Please click here if you would like to see the contactors we sell.  Another problem was bad condenser fan motors. Please click here if your would like to see the condenser fan motors we sell. Please email us anytime if you would like for us to recommend a part, have questions or would like for us to look up parts. Our email address is: We would love to help you out and have your business!

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