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10 Reasons Why a Gas Pilot Light Goes Out or Won’t Stay Lit!

Troubleshooting Gas & Electric Furnaces

Problem: The pilot light on my furnace, water heater or gas appliance will not stay lit! What could be the problem? How do I fix this problem? How do gas pilot lights work and operate?

Answer: Most of the time gas pilots will not stay lit because of a dirty pilot which burns yellow instead of blue or a bad thermocouple. Please click here if you are interested in thermocouples that we sell. Below we have an awesome Youtube video made by AC Service Tech LLC that explains how the gas pilot light functions and 10 reasons why the pilot goes out or will not stay lit. Please click here to see the written page about 10 Reasons Why the Pilot Light Goes Out or Will Not Stay Lit. Thanks so very much to  AC Service Tech and Craig Migliaccio for making this great informational video!

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