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All of our Aprilaire and EZ Flex Filters are On Sale! 

We Recommend Being Prepared for Summer by having an extra capacitor!

You Might Consider having a replacement Contactor and Condenser Fan motor.

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  • Problem: Heat pump is burning up transformers and has high amp draw on low voltage wiring? (5/25/2015) - Problem: I have found your web page to be very informative and have it saved in my favorites.   I have a Tech Support Question if you feel like helping. I have been troubleshooting a 2 stage all electric heat, AC heat pump.   Sometimes I blow the transformer during the troubleshooting.   I measure the amp draw […]
  • Problem: My Carrier AC unit is cutting off and on. What could cause this? (5/23/2015) - Problem: I have a Carrier central AC unit. It stopped working yesterday. The symptom is: once turn AC on, you will hear the clicking sound from inside condensing unit outside door. I took off the control cover and saw the contactor (relay) pole is closing, then open. If I pushed down the pole (metal bar) […]
  • Why is my heating bill so high? Over $500! (4/30/2015) - Question: I am just a regular person trying to help/ gain knowledge about a Payne furnace.  My niece rents a house and the landlord is not a good landlord.  During the winter I was at the home she rents and I noticed to this month the furnace turns on more than off.  Her first months […]


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Great information and a great site. This was not my first order from you because you have the right parts at a great price. Thanks from New Jersey, great service from wonderful people.

If they say it, you can rely on it to be the truth. Warm people, warm products, thank you again.

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